Annual passenger throughput exceeds 20 million: Tianjin Airport achieves a historical leap

2017-12-20 10:45

On December 17, the annual passenger throughput of Tianjin Binhai International Airport exceeded 20 million, marking the formal entry of a busy Tianjin Airport and achieving a significant leap forward in the history of Tianjin Civil Aviation. By leaps and bounds, the speed and quality of Tianjin Airport go hand in hand. In 2017, the goal of building a service benchmark airport at the same level in China was achieved.

It is claimed that, at present, Tianjin Airport has initially established a network of passenger routes connecting domestic lines, major branches and major international routes in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe. It will continue to expand domestic passenger flights with lines from airports in the second, third and fourth tier cities that have needs to enter Beijing and continue to increase the regional feeder airports. Since 2017, Tianjin Airport has operated 270 passenger and cargo lines and 162 domestic and overseas airlines. There are 26 cities that operate all freighters, of which 15 are international cities. In 2017, its passenger throughput exceeded 20 million for the first time at a speed of 23.6%. The throughput ranking of the Airport in the country rose to the 19th place. The throughput of cargo and freight exceeded 260,000 tons for the first time, at a speed of over 12%, realizing a fast and promising development of Tianjin Airport.

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