Gaoshaling Port Area of Tianjin Port opened

2017-12-21 11:06

On December 7, the opening ceremony of the Gaoshaling Port Area and the Gaoshaling Port Waterway Ship Navigation Rules Conference was held in Tianjin Port. The Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration officially released the Rules for Ships Navigation in the Navigation Channel of the Gaoshaling Port Area of Tianjin Port and Nearby Waters (Interim). Gaoshaling Port Area of Tianjin Port officially opened the navigable route and released navigation related supporting navigation rules, marking the opening of new channels for eastern hinterland radiated by Tianjin Port to the sea and setting up a new logistics node to serve the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development and the "One Belt and One Road" Initiative, construction of Xiongan New Area and other national strategies, to further enhance the integrated transport hub functions of Tianjin Port as a gateway.

It is learned that Gaoshaling Port Area is an important part of Tianjin Port’s "One Port and Eight Areas". It is located in the south central part of Tianjin Port and has a planning area of 51 square kilometers. It plans to build a 100,000-ton waterway and a port industrial integrated new town. According to the overall plan of Tianjin Port, the port mainly serves the development of port industry and mainly focuses on the transportation of groceries, taking into account the transshipment of port industry and the hinterland. The port area will build a new pattern of integration of industry-product that takes the port loading and unloading logistics industry as the core, high-end equipment manufacturing and new health science and technology industries as supplement while endeavoring to create a harbor agglomeration of "industry-product convergence".

In order to ensure the safe navigation of ships and to maintain the orderliness of navigation and shipment, it has provided strong support for the safe harbor opening in Gaoshaling Port Area. Many experts from Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration have organized study on risks of sea navigation, pilotage and waterway design together and formulated the Rules for Ships Navigation in the Navigation Channel of the Gaoshaling Port Area of Tianjin Port and Nearby Waters (Interim). In addition, Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration has carried out efficient and outstanding work in aspects of safety assessment and verification of navigable routes, setting of aids to navigation, surveying of sea swells, issuance of navigation announcements and quality of navigation and shipment.

Next, in accordance with the requirement put forward by the Work Plan for Accelerating Coordinated Development of Tianjin-Hebei Ports (2017-2020), to "actively build a comprehensive port gateway for Tianjin Port, it will focus on transports of container and commodity car ro-ro and cruise ship, speed up the development of modern ports and agglomeration of service elements for shipping industry, actively undertake the transfer and adjustment of cargoes such as groceries, ro-ro vehicles and containers in the traditional port area of Tianjin Port, vigorously develop inter-modal transport and boost the port's operation from a transport hub to an economic hub.

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