Cross-border e-commerce in Binhai New Area to accelerate expansion

2017-12-22 10:57

Milk powder, cosmetics, food, bags ... Nowadays, residents in Binhai New Area just need to move their fingers and then products from all over the world can be delivered to their homes in the fastest way. This year, under the effect of a good port clearance environment, Netease Koala and Jingdong Global Buying have fully operationalized Tianjin as a distribution center in North China, adding new impetus to the development of cross-border e-commerce in Binhai New Area and also changing the fact that in the past citizens purchased cross-border goods from Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and so on.

According to the latest data from Tianjin Customs, this year's "Double 11" saw a record high import volume of cross-border e-commerce under supervision and a substantial increase in the number of declarations received. The number of cross-border e-commerce orders in Tianjin doubled. According to statistics, during this year's "Double 11" (November 10 to November 12), the Customs received a total of 346,032 declarations on the import list of cross-border e-commerce businesses and 223,525 votes on the "Double-11" day, 5.22 times and 4.48 times up year-on-year. As cross-border e-commerce giants get together and facilitate the cross-border e-commerce and encourage superior growth environment such as cross-border e-commerce, the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem in Binhai New Area is accelerating its expansion.

Cross-border e-commerce leaders all deploy business layout.

"Since the establishment of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone two years ago, B & G, Duohegu and other cross-border e-commerce companies have settled in Binhai New Area, and from the end of last year to this year, Netease Koala and Jingdong Global Purchase also get together in Binhai New Area to deploy layout and regard here as their own distribution centers in North China while accelerating the pace of development of cross-border e-commerce in Binhai New Area," said the relevant person in charge of the District Commission of Commerce.

In June of this year, Netease Koala Cross-border E-commerce Distribution Center in North China settled in Dongjiang Free Trade Port, and a 40,000-square-meter bonded warehouse will be constructed, which is expected to hit a single annual volume of more than 7 million orders and which will provide a great model and pulling effect for development of cross-border e-commerce in Tianjin. "Layout in Dongjiang Free Trade Port is of great significance for Netease Koala’s layout in North China and even the entire north. Through the distribution centers in Tianjin, consumers in Beijing, Tianjin and North China can truly feel the convenience brought by 'delivery next day' of cross-border goods, " said a relevant responsible person of Netease Koala.

Up to now, Tianjin has cumulatively introduced and nurtured over 300 cross-border e-commerce enterprises, most of which are located in Binhai New Area. Leading enterprises have gathered while Jingdong Global Purchase, Netease Koala, VIP.com, Vanguard and a number of cross-border e-commerce enterprises settled in Binhai New Area. Cross-border e-commerce support services companies such as SF, Yuantong, Alipay, Tencent Pay and so on have gradually started business in Tianjin. At the same time, a number of local enterprises such as Yikeman, Globalgo, European Trade Center and Baohong Supply Chain are growing rapidly.

Cross-border e-commerce ecosystem is improving.

"If last year was the initial formation of cross-border e-commerce ecosystem, this year sees the gradual improvement of the ecosystem, which is not only reflected in the scale, but also in the improvement of ecological chain such as growth environment, payment platform and traceability system. Tianjin is creating a complete industrial chain and ecosystem for cross-border e-commerce," said an official from the Municipal Commission of Commerce.

Binhai New Area is to perfect the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. For example, in the Innovative Pilot Zone for Cross-border E-commerce, numerous encouraging policies and measures have been promulgated to further enhance the facilitation of customs clearance and to reduce operating costs of enterprises while enabling consumers to buy imported goods quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively.

For instance, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone has promulgated a policy to promote the development of e-commerce industry and provided supports in many aspects such as headquarters establishment, business increment, financial support, warehousing support and trade facilitation. Tianjin Integrated Cross-border E-commerce Service Platform is also operated in the Binhai Central Business District, including three sub-platform say customs clearance management, inspection and quarantine supervision and comprehensive services. All the platforms use interoperability to achieve transmission and sharing of information. In accordance with the principle of "one-point access", enterprises can realize "one declaration, one inspection and one release" through the docking comprehensive service platform. In Dongjiang Free Trade Port, the full traceability system of QR code is also gradually being applied to cross-border e-commerce. Cross-border e-commerce products can achieve "source traceability and destination traceability" so that ordinary consumers can be more assured for cross-border imported goods purchased.

"Cross-border e-commerce has become a new competitive format in global trade. In the future, we plan to construct a cross-border e-commerce industrial park covering an area of 186,000 square meters and a storage area of 120,000 square meters to speed up cross-border aviation business; direct mail shipping business in Tianjin International Cruise Home Port is about to start," said an official from the Municipal Commission of Commerce.

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