Dongjiang financial leasing infuses new vitality into the OBOR

2017-12-25 18:25

In the current strategy of One Belt and One Road Initiative in our country, along with many Chinese enterprises "going global," the financial leasing industry also ushers in new opportunities for development. In the recently held Annual Meeting of Leasing in China 2017, organized by the Binhai New Area Government, China International Chamber of Commerce, the Leasing Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment and the China Leasing Alliance, the business elites, experts and scholars from the financial leasing industry all over the country gathered together, to jointly discuss the new opportunities facing the leasing industry in the context of international cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.

Boosting China's manufacturing to go abroad

"In recent years, we have continued to acquire and invest and acquire several large specialized leasing companies in the world to form a major layout of overseas leasing industry. Now we are seizing the opportunity of One Belt and One Road Initiative to explore the innovative model for leasing to 'go abroad'." Ren Weidong, Chairman and CEO of Bohai Leasing Co., Ltd., said.

As a link between the virtual economy and the real economy, "boosting China's manufacturing to go global" is an important mission of the financial leasing industry. "The first large domestic aircraft C919 had the first successful flight two days ago, and new orders of C919 aircrafts are also ongoing, including contribution of leasing companies. Under the Belt and Road Initiative, in the future we will have more opportunities for aircraft leasing procurement." Zhao Hongwei, General Manager of CATIC Capital Holding Co., Ltd. said.

Services to the Belt and Road countries

It is claimed that currently in the Dongjiang Free Trade Port of Binhai New Area, known as the place where China's financial leasing is gathered, the construction of the Belt & Road Initiative is effectively using financing leasing. For example, an aircraft leasing company registered in Dongjiang Free Trade Port uses the innovative structure of offshore leasing to carry out the aircraft leasing business with the national airlines along the Belt and Road Initiative such as Malaysian Airlines, Indonesia Airlines, Himalayan Airlines of Nepal and Serenity Airlines of Pakistan. The development of the marine offshore industry leasing industry in Dongjiang Free Trade Port also effectively promotes the manufacture of high-end equipment such as the Chinese shipbuilding and offshore platforms to go abroad and to serve the countries and regions along the Belt and Road Initiative.

In addition, CNR, CRCC, four state-owned power groups, CNOOC, Shenhua Group, CRECG, CECEP, CHALCO and COSCO SHIPPING have all set up their own financial leasing headquarters in Dongjiang Free Trade Port, through whose financial leasing outlets to export high-end equipment to support the construction of overseas and Chinese projects along the Belt and Road Initiative.

This reporter learned that, at present, Dongjiang Free Trade Port is accelerating the construction of national leasing innovation demonstration area, to further promote innovation in the policy system of leasing industry and to form the development environment of leasing industry in line with international standards. In particular, for the Belt and Road leasing projects, in the future, Dongjiang FTP will step up policy innovation and business coordination in foreign exchange, customs clearance and taxation, and attract enterprises to participate in the Belt and Road international cooperation with Dongjiang FTP as a platform.

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