Scattered cargo ushers in a "collective mode"

2017-12-26 14:13

In recent days, the Ceremony for Auto Industry Collective Mode 2018 was held in Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city and was sponsored by Chelache Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Binhai New Area. The experts in the automotive logistics industry conducted detailed exchanges and heated discussions on how to select channels, expand cooperation and try their best to innovate through lectures and roundtable forums, so as to explore ways to survive the adversities. It is noteworthy that during the day's activity, the Cargo Vehicle Union was officially launched. The establishment of the Alliance will not only effectively integrate the market's resources of scattered vehicles, solve industrial problems and create a healthy eco-chain of the logistics industry, but it also plays an active role in promoting the development of the industry and the district.

The new era of car sales results in demands of scattered vehicle delivery.

"The domestic auto market is not doing well in 2017. Previously, the annual market growth rate was about 30%, and in recent years it was growing by more than 10%, but this year the figure may not exceed 4%." In this activity, Zuo Xinyu, Branch Secretary General of China Automotive Logistics, firstly shared a surprising industry data: the growth rate of China's auto market in 2017 will not be able to outperform the GDP growth rate.

Not long ago, the Ministry of Commerce formally issued a new Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales and put forward that it no longer requires the automobile dealers to obtain the authorized sales of manufacturers' brands, and manufacturers shall not restrict the dealers from operating the products of their manufacturers. Dealers do not have to have both sales and after-sales service functions, which means that the old 4S shop sales model under the brand licensing system has finally been broken.

Reporters noted that after the new Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales was promulgated, Jingdong, Suning and other large e-commerce has begun to actively promote the layout of online car sales, which marks the car sales has entered a new era.

As the development of e-commerce cannot be separated from the support and promotion of express delivery, the development of auto e-commerce and new mode cannot be separated from the support of logistics. This reporter has found that the current market, vehicle logistics companies or OEM-based bulk transport and bulk car logistics market are still relatively small. With further tap in the market, traveling by car, business travel, holiday home, second-hand car cross-city trading as well as the development of automotive e-commerce and the rapid circulation of traditional dealership sources, more demand for scattered vehicle delivery will be released.

The Union of Cargo Vehicles was established to work together to seek greater development.

The reporter has learned that due to the new car sales model corresponding to the fragmented vehicle transport services is still in its infancy, the general market of scattered cargo vehicles is charging prices randomly, while departure time cannot be guaranteed, and each logistics company only has a small number of lines to the second tier and third tier cities, coupled with a series of problems. Each region has its own logistics circle and the information is not symmetrical and transparent so companies can barely get more breakthroughs by operating on their own. Li Yangqian, Vice President of TEDA Logistics holds that it can play a significant role to better coordinate the industrial resources for the future development of logistics and distribution.

In order to solve the above problems, gather industrial resources, in the day's activities, the Cargo Vehicle Alliance launched by the Chelache Company was formally established. "The Cargo Vehicle Alliance can help gather market orders for cars and can help with joint bidding. On the one hand, it can re-plan the logistics and transport lines and to create a special transport services for the country's transport network. On the other hand, through the way of collecting the tenders it can get the logistics industry to reserve price and to help car dealers reduce cargo costs."

Data show that at present, Tianjin parallel imports of cars ranked the first in the country, accounting for more than 70% of the national total. With the rapid development of parallel imported cars in Binhai New Area, the rapid growth of the huge parallel imported car consignment market has also been brought about. According to the responsible person of the TEDA Trade Development Bureau, the Cargo Vehicle Alliance will not only effectively integrate the scattered car resources in the market, solve industrial problems and create a healthy eco-chain in the logistics industry, but it will also play an active role in promoting industries and regional development.

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