A good place for winter travel: Solar Snow Festival opened

2017-12-26 14:13

On December 23, Binhai New Area Polar Snow Festival was opened in Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World. Many unique marine interactive projects firstly settled in Tianjin, attracting tourists from Beijing, Tianjin and all over the country to come to experience the dream of snow and the ice world trip.

It is claimed that the project of Polar Snow Festival has been held for five times, becoming a new bright spot in winter tourism in Binhai New Area. This year, the unique project of Crazy Octopus with its unique aquarium features has entered Tianjin for the first time and created a new experience mode of real icy land. The 3000-square-meter ski resort has nine ice projects: a unique seven-lane icy trial in Tianjin, the highest ice ladder, ski slope, UFO, Speedy Car and other projects, which allow visitors to truly feel the fun of the world of ice and snow. What’s more, the Arctic fox nicknamed Snow Wizard, snow rabbit and other special items and fun games are provided for parents and children and are tailor-made for families.

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