Dagang Street of Binhai New Area completes “the campaing of 10,000 carders serving 10,000 enterprises ” to serve the enterprise development

2017-12-26 14:32

Since 2017, Dagang Street of Binhai New Area takes the enterprise service as the theme, strengthens the bearing spirit, compacts responsibility layer by layer, deeply carries out “the campaing of 10,000 carders serving 10,000 enterprises ” activities and builds the important support for the fast and stable economic growth.

Set up multi-level classification precision support mechanism, constitute 10 groups, enter 100 key enterprises to carry out the support activities, and complete visit jobs of the key enterprises. Municipal appraisal caliber enterprises and new area caliber enterprises all log in the municipal government-enterprise communication platform and new are a government-enterprise communication platform, and enterprise problem resolution rate and satisfaction rate achieve 100%.Speed up the pace of scientific and technological progress and independent innovation, and enhance economic power and vitality. At present, there are 21 small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises which are newly recognized in Dagang Street of Binhai New Area, and over 20 applied patents. Optimize and upgrade the industrial structure, and expand the economic development space. Take the building construction as the carrier, grasp the stock, seek increment, and boost strong economic development. Highlight characteristic industrial advantages and optimize the economic development environment. Constantly complete community commercial service system construction, improve the community business format, and further plan configuration of commercial service facilities.

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