Entrepreneurs Club in Binhai New Area established

2017-12-31 07:51

In order to further unite talented entrepreneurs, establish a platform for entrepreneurs to study, exchange, cooperate and develop and guide the vast number of entrepreneurs in Binhai New Area to actively join in its development and construction, yesterday an Entrepreneurs Club was set up in Binhai New Area. The following members attended: Zhao Zhong, a member of District Party Committee and Secretary of Town-street Party Committee; Xia Qinglin, Vice District Governor; Jiang Lichao, Vice Chairman of District Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of District Federation of Industry and Commerce.

It is claimed that the Entrepreneurs Club in Binhai New Area will strengthen the contacts and exchanges between entrepreneurs, vigorously carry out economic exchanges and cooperation among member companies, build an inter-enterprise development and cooperation platform to expand the radiation and coverage of services to achieve objectives such as membership information sharing, business co-creation and shared benefits; it will unite the wisdom and strength of entrepreneurs, tap the entrepreneurial innovation and create potential, and promote technological progress and development of enterprises; it will use the establishment of entrepreneurial communication platform and expand business, promote the growth of entrepreneurs, boost the development of enterprises and promote the sound and rapid economic and social development of Binhai New Area.

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