High-quality projects settled in Binhai New Area to add momentum to its development

2017-12-31 08:00

This year, more and more high-end industrial projects are competing to enter Binhai New Area. Yesterday, the collective signing ceremony of the second batch of investment projects in Binhai New Area was held. It signed a total of 140 projects with a total investment of 54.5 billion yuan, involving the information industry, intelligent technology, equipment manufacturing, new energy and new materials, culture & education and other fields. These highly motivated, high value-added high-quality projects settled one after another, which will further promote the economic restructuring and upgrading of Binhai New Area.

Renowned companies are all confident in Binhai New Area.

Among the signed projects, many are renowned enterprises, and they are full of confidence in the development of Binhai New Area in the future. For example, the Binhai New Area Government and Huawei Software Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, the Binhai New Area Government will choose Huawei as a strategic partner in software development cloud, urban industrial cloud, smart city and IOT cloud construction. Both parties will jointly build software development cloud and city industrial cloud, IOT cloud and other cloud services that support the development of emerging industries. It will provide Huawei cloud services to the whole district and even the whole municipality to jointly promote the construction of IOT cloud platform and the smart city construction of Binhai New Area.

One of the world's top 500 companies called Country Garden will once again invest in new projects in Binhai New Area. It is claimed that in the future, Country Garden intends to set up a compensation management center and a holding platform project in the Free Trade Zone, and the Beijing Branch of Country Garden plans to promote to transfer other Country Garden settlement businesses here after the project is landed, which will also further promote the Country Garden Group to settle its centralized purchasing platform.

Manufacturing projects favored the environment in Binhai New Area.

High-end manufacturing is an important engine for the development of Binhai New Area. The good investment environment and industrial cluster effect of Binhai New Area have also attracted many high-end manufacturing projects and reached a number of cooperation.

For example, the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology and the Binhai New Area Government, guided by the national development strategy, decided to deepen cooperation and to promote relevant work based on jointly building Tianjin Innovation Center of China Aerospace Manufacturing.

"In the future, we will focus on the major needs of the country and the economic and social construction in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and speed up the development of the smart technology industry. We will build a scientific and technological innovation platform for the integration of civil aviation and military aviation, an open sharing S&T innovation platform and a related technological integration of innovative chain and industrial value chain while accelerating transformation of the scientific and technological achievements of the aerospace science and technology to the civil field and the process of commercialization and industrialization. "The project leader said that in the future, it will further push forward the transformation and upgrading of high-end equipment and smart manufacturing, explore innovative system for mass innovation and entrepreneurship with military-civil integration and, build a new system of integration of both civilians and military, and strive for an innovative demonstration zone for national military-civil integration.

Livelihood services make life more convenient.

From education and training to healthcare and medical care, from cultural tourism to commercial carrier, in the collective signed contract, the people's livelihood projects are also a bright spot. After the completion of these projects, the happiness index of citizens in Binhai New Area will be further enhanced to make the life of the public more convenient.

For example, Nankai University and Binhai New Area Government will cooperate to build Nankai University Software Institute. "At present, we have conducted many talks to communicate with each other about the core content of the jointly-run software institute, focusing on the mechanisms of cooperation, the mode of running the institute, the scale of teaching, the ways of support, and so on, with a consensus," the project leader said.

In addition, Dalian Maple Leaf Education Group, Huading Smart Parking, Milan Supermarkets, Sunway Tourism Commercial Complex and other modern service projects are settled, which will also make life of citizens in Binhai New Area more convenient in the future.

"Since the beginning of this year, the investment promotion departments in Binhai New Area have focused on the ‘cluster economy’ and ‘smart open economy’ and started with the advantageous industries here, with focuses and aims at key breakthroughs to do a good job in attracting investment. Therefore, it has attracted a batch of high-quality projects." Ji Zemin, Director of Business Commission of Binhai New Area and Bureau of Investment Promotion.

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