Benchmarks for a prosperous livable new intelligent city

2017-12-31 08:01

The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city will enter a development track for a new smart city. The reporter learned from the Eco-City Press Conference on December 27 that it has officially launched the planning of a new smart city and will formulate a reference path for smart city construction in the next five years. According to the plan, all the plans will be completed in the first half of next year.

The overall goal of the program is "to activate the genes of intellectual society and fully prosper the smart economy," and it will cover areas such as smart communities, smart energy, smart environment, smart municipalities, smart governments and smart buildings. According to reports, the planning includes a master plan - New Smart City Planning (2018-2023) in Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city and three special programs for intelligent town, IOT common platform and data resources. Among them, the special planning of the intelligent town will learn from the outstanding cases both at home and abroad and explore the development mode, users’ experience and construction contents of the Eco-city's future smart town; the data resources special planning program will determine the general idea of construction of urban data resources, to provide data management process and management mode covering data collection, sense, collection, convergence, processing and other aspects, to effectively enhance the information level in the Eco-city.

The Eco-city will work with Taiji Computer Co., Ltd. to prepare the plan. Taiji Company will also set up branch offices in the Eco-city and co-operate to bring in smart technological companies like Big Data to settle in here. The center will focus on "excellent government, booming business and livelihood" to develop smart and open economy, to create benchmarks for an innovative high-tech economy and a prosperous livable intelligent new city, so that the Eco-city can become a demonstration for a leading and world-class new smart city.

At present, the pre-preparation research has started in an all-round way. The Eco-city will promote the integration of informatization and urban development, continuously improve the accurate urban governance and transform the service mode to benefit the people.

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