Cross-border e-commerce in Binhai New Area develops by leaps and bounds

2017-12-31 08:03

On December 27, a series of cross-border trade development summits and cross-border e-commerce weeks with the theme of "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei joint efforts and new e-commerce suppliers in Binhai" were held. This year, Binhai New Area cross-border e-commerce suppliers have achieved leapfrog development and the district's cross-border e-commerce orders reached about 4 million, with revenue of 800 million yuan. On the "double eleven" day the customs declaration list has accepted 223525 orders. This also makes cross-border e-commerce experts and business leaders optimistic about the future development of Binhai New Area and thus they gathered to discuss the development plan of cross-border e-commerce.

Cross-border e-commerce suppliers are optimistic about Binhai New Area.

This year the Netease Koala, a cross-border e-commerce supplier which has set up its North China Distribution Center in Dongjiang Free Trade Port, is deeply impressed by the good environment in Binhai New Area for cross-border e-commerce suppliers. "We started the preparatory work in March, and the whole testing session was completed in June and July, and then the formal operation started in August. In the following months we rapidly expanded our business scale in Dongjiang FTP. Zhao Erlong, Head of Tianjin Warehouse Logistics and Storage, said that if during the "Double 11" period we received 110,000 orders, orders on "Double 12" is close to 80,000.

He told reporters that Binhai New Area has laid a good foundation for the development of cross-border e-commerce in terms of geographical location, industrial base and policy support. "Before the "double 11", the government and relevant departments also set up a preparatory working group. On the early morning of November 11, the government, the relevant personnel, customs officers and workers stood together with the companies on the scene, to escort the e-commerce shopping spree day. Tianjin's cross-border e-commerce public platforms have been running smoothly and have withstood the test of spikes and thus they fully guaranteed the delivery of orders for consumers in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region." He said that Tianjin is an important node in the north of its layout covering the range for North China, Northeast and Northwest, and he is very optimistic about the future development here.

In addition to large platform e-commerce suppliers, the current cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Binhai New Area are also rapidly growing. For instance, the European Trade Center in Tianjin Airport Economic Area has also started its cross-border e-commerce business after Tianjin is approved as a pilot city for cross-border e-commerce. "Our cross-border e-commerce positioning is 'small but refined', by using cross-border as a way to test the Chinese market for imported products and introducing foreign high-quality second tier and third tier brands to test the water through cross-border mode," said Du Jian, Director of the European Trade Center in Tianjin Airport Economic Area. At present, the cross-border e-commerce business in Binhai New Area is very efficient especially when the commodities are filing at customs and at commodity inspection.

At present, the development of cross-border e-commerce in Binhai New Area is not limited to the area of imports, but also continues to develop in the export field. "We mainly do the overseas warehouse in the United States and cross-border e-commerce exports. We have cooperation with Amazon and ebay in the United States to provide B2C services for the majority of Chinese sellers to have access to the United States." Wu Mingang, General Manager of Tianjin Kai Tak Logistics registered in Dongjiang Free Trade Port, said that at present they send several thousand copies of exported goods to the United States each day. The inspection clearance at Tianjin Port is very efficient. In the form of container shipping, the goods are exported from Tianjin to the U.S. warehouses in about 20 days.

Cross-border e-commerce business hit record highs.

It is claimed that with the support of industries, regional positions and policies, since the approval of Tianjin as a pilot city for cross-border e-commerce in China, the cross-border e-commerce business of Binhai New Area has been growing steadily year by year. At present, a large number of cross-border e-commerce enterprises and service providers are settled in Binhai New Area and more than 130 cross-border e-commerce pilot enterprises are registered here. It has gathered Jingdong, Netease Koala, Vipshop, Jumei.com and other large-scale cross-border e-commerce suppliers, as well as Baohong, Songchang, Arima, Oriental Ruitai, Xin Sheng supply chains and a number of logistics and warehousing enterprises, coupled with payment companies like Shouxinyi Payment. The leading enterprises such as Cainiao Logistics, Tmall International and Xiaohongshu all actively connect with Binhai New Area. The development of a number of local enterprises such as the European Trade Center, Duohegu, and Happykb.com have been steadily developing.

In the meantime, the cross-border e-commerce carrier platforms in Binhai New Area continue to be enriched. In addition, cross-border e-commerce is also rapidly growing. According to statistics, this year, the cross-border e-commerce operators in Binhai New Area will complete about 4 million orders and generate revenue of 800 million yuan. In particular, on the "Double 11" day, the e-commerce supplier platform completed 220,000 orders and it is estimated that there will be a more rapid development next year.

"In the future, we will focus on promoting the development of cross-border e-commerce in three ways: the first is to create a better business environment, coordinate port units, reduce customs clearance time and reduce logistics costs for enterprises; the second is, on the basis of consolidated bonded stocking and the postal service, to increase efforts to innovate in the area of imports by seeking to explore the direct freight shipping mode. The third is to implement the One Belt and One Road Initiative. By using overseas warehouses and cloud platforms, it will help enterprises occupy the international market when they 'go global'," said Zhang Zhichen, Deputy Director of District Commission of Commerce in Binhai New Area.

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