Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone to spend 1 billion yuan in a "package" to attract eight types of talents

2018-01-04 11:39

On January 2, the reporter learned from a press conference held in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone that it promulgated the Interim Measures for Supporting and Encouraging the Development of Talents for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Detailed Rules for Implementing the Interim Measures for Supporting and Encouraging the Development of Talents for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Hereafter referred to as the Talent Measures and Implementation Rules) while arranging 1 billion yuan for talent development special funds, which are mainly used to support and reward qualified domestic and foreign talents, research teams, enterprises and institutions in the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone and Tianjin Airport Economic Area.

It is claimed that the Talent Measures draws on personnel policies in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou and other areas. It clearly stipulates the introduction of talents, personnel training, innovation and entrepreneurship, platform construction and service support. It mainly provides financial support to top talents, leading talents, senior management personnel, etc., which are in urgent need in key industries such as technological innovation, technological research and development, platform construction and so on.

Strong support is given to development of five industries.

The Talent Measures focuses on supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in such advantageous industries as aerospace, high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing, financial insurance, biomedicine and electronic information. The official responsible for the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone said that in the next three years, it will strive to achieve a total population of 100,000 talents in the zone; academicians (including flexible introduction) will reach 20; special allowance experts from the State Council, experts from the "One Thousand Talents Plan" and winners of provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards, progress awards and achievement award will reach 150 persons; the total number of high-level talents will reach 20000 people. At the same time, it will strengthen the building of a scientific research platform for talents and strive for the establishment of an expert platform for academicians, postdoctoral workstations, key laboratories, engineering centers and technology centers with a total number of 150, coupled with 20 incubators and innovation centers.

Real money is used to attract eight types of talents.

It is claimed that, among the types, for the Top Talents: the Nobel Laureates and academicians who are in urgent need by the advantageous industries in Tianjin Free Trade Port Zone and other top talents and teams at home and abroad are invited to provide funding support of up to 50 million yuan for the introduction of "Team + Project". Introduced Nobel laureates and academicians at home and abroad are granted up to 6 million yuan as supporting scientific research funding.

"Outstanding Figures in Certain Industries": the introduced "top prioritized talents" for key industries, high-end talents and teams with key technologies and achievements, and significant economic and social benefits, the "one company, one policy" and "one case, one policy" will give up to 30 million yuan as financial support. 10 million yuan of financial support will be given to support key enterprises to set up industrial research institutes, key laboratories and technology conversion centers and so on.

Leading Talents: high-level talents selected into various kinds of talents programs (plans) such as the "One Thousand Talents Program" of the People's Republic of China and Tianjin Municipality, Outstanding Talents of Tianjin, and Leading Talents of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Binhai New Area, in Tianjin Free Trade Port Zone, will be given a matching fund of up to 1.5 million yuan. Leaders who have been selected into the national, provincial and ministerial-level talent programs (plans), who come to work in Tianjin Free Trade Port, will be granted financial assistance up to 600,000 yuan as financial for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Free Trade Talents: senior management talents and research and technical personnel, who are introduced into key industries in the pilot free trade zone such as aerospace, high-end manufacturing, financial insurance and producer service industries, shall be given working subsidies and subsistence allowances up to 500,000 yuan.

Overseas Talents: the subsidy of up to 800,000 yuan is granted to overseas high-level talents who have international invention patents, core technologies or who hold important positions in multinational corporations. For the foreign experts introduced in a flexible way, subsistence allowance of 3,000 yuan per person per month will be granted, with the subsidy period up to 18 months.

Entrepreneurial Talents: research staffs from institutions of higher learning and research institutes with independent R&D of core technologies are encouraged to leave positions to do entrepreneurial business. If they start a business or carry out the industrialization of intellectual achievements in Tianjin Free Trade Port Zone, after passing the assessment, they may be given 100000 -1000000 yuan as starting capital. If research staff who owns independent research and development of core technologies leaves position, the staff will be given up to 1 million yuan as start-up financial support.

Reserved Talents: undergraduate, masters and doctoral students newly introduced into Binhai New Area will be given living allowances of 12,000 yuan, 24,000 yuan and 36,000 yuan per person per year respectively, for three consecutive years.

Skilled Talents: highly skilled personnel recommended by Tianjin Free Trade Port Zone, who have won national, provincial and ministerial skills awards, will be given rewards up to 200,000 yuan.

Four services to warm talents’ hearts

In terms of purchasing housing, the Talent Measures provides the top talents introduced and trained by Tianjin Free Trade Port Zone with 5,000 yuan per month as rental subsidies. Talents, who work in the zone for three years with outstanding contributions to its development, will be given 5000000 yuan as housing subsidies in Tianjin. High-level talents introduced by large-scale enterprises will be given no less than 2,000 yuan per person per month as rental subsidies for a maxim of 3 years.

At the same time, it will actively build high-caliber talent apartments and support and encourage key enterprises in the zone that have their own property rights sources to build high-caliber talent apartments to meet housing needs for the introduced qualified personnel. It establishes the personnel incentive and praise system in Tianjin Free Trade Zone and carries out its outstanding talent selection and recognition activities, with rewards of 300,000 yuan per person. It implements a contact system between leaders of Work Committee and Administrative Committee and experts and optimizes the ecological environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Five major characteristics of the New Measures

The Talent Measures and Implementation Rules promulgated in Tianjin Free Trade Zone have five major characteristics. First, it casts eyes on the future. Investment into personnel is investment into the future development of Tianjin Free Trade Port Zone. The Talent Measures is composed from the perspective of talents as a strategic resource, at the same time it bases on Talents Polices in Binhai New Area to "add something more". Second, great efforts are exerted. The Talent Measures arranges a billion yuan as development special funds for personnel to help with development of innovative and entrepreneurial talents. Third, the funding is accurately allocated. The newly introduced Talent Measures will no longer support talents in a way that resembles large-scale "salt-sprinkling". Instead, it will focus on the five leading industries such as regional aerospace by using precise attraction to talents. Fourth, it casts eyes on overseas talents. It focuses on the development of Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone and the future construction of a free trade port, to broaden their horizons, to focus on attracting top overseas talents, to enhance the ecological environment for talents in the zones, and to pay same attention to both domestic and international talents. Fifth, the Talent Measures has simple implementation procedures. The Implementation Rules is implemented together with the Talent Measures so the management of a list of materials for declaration is implemented, which is easy to operate.

It is reported that the Talent Measures and Implementation Rules came into operation from January 1, 2018, and valid until December 31, 2020.

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