Indoor amusement becomes popular in the New Year’s Day holiday

2018-01-04 11:43

Take a bath in the hot spring, feel smell of tropical rainforest, and experience adventure snow project, and buy in the new shopping mall...During the New Year's Day holiday, Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World, Binhai Longda Spring andTEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Parklaunch rich and colorful tourist activities and attractvisitors for pleasure.According to monitoring on the key tourist scenic spots such as TEDA aircraft carrier theme park, Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World andBinhai Longda Spring, 35,213 tourists are received in the vocation, with the year-on-year growth of 42.75%;the comprehensive income of the scenic area is 4.6633 million Yuan, up 21.55% from a year earlier.

Indoor amusement and new projects are popular

During the New Year’s Day holiday, influenced by winter fog weather, indoor amusement projects including Binhai Longda Spring and Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean World become popular.

In Binhai Longda Spring, the largest indoor tropical rainforest in Asia is pursued by people. In the holiday, tourists come here to breathe fresh air with closing eyes and enjoy the smell of tropical rainforest. It launches traditional Chinese medicine hot spring and Longda evening activities and brings health maintenance and entertainment for visitors. In the holiday, a lot of Tianjin, Beijing, and Hebei tourists come to take a bath ina hot spring, see beautiful scenery, enjoy the rainforest, and taste food. They are very comfortable.According to statistics, during the holiday, over 20,000 visitors are received. The largest Jellyfish Theme Pavilion in China is quite popular among children. Nearly 20 kinds of jellyfish are showed, with over 10,000.From the New Year's Day, it also adds the ancient popularmarine science exhibition. The new exhibition area concentrates five major changes of the earth, and incisively and vividly showsthe mystery of the origin, evolution and extinction of life to people.

At the same time, in the holiday, winter tourism new projects which are recommended by some scenic spots are greeted by visitors.InTEDA AircraftCarrier Theme Park, in order that the visitors feel the uniqueness of "Russian snow", the "aircraft carrier ice and snow" activities are also held, penguins, snowman and sculptures in the snowy amorous feelings street are available for tourists, and "snow grandpa" and "snow girl" in Russian fairy tale wear Russian ethnic costumes to take photos with tourists.In addition to the permanent snow landslide, thefull-hydraulic snowfield turning, snowfield banana boat and children's snow slide, etc., enable visitors to experience the fun of playing snow and revelry.

“Foreign goods store” and “shopping mall”are popular

On New Year's Day, the shopping leisure travel which is represented by "shopping" attracts many people.Many Beijing residents take high-speed rail to Yujiabao to purchase Japan and South Korea skin care products, German beer, Australian health care products and Turkey handicraft to Yujiabao Global Shopping. As 21 Cultural Creative Community near Yujiabao covers cultural bookstore, creative space, originality, interactive theater artists, performing practice, art exhibition, and culture, food and beverage, andit is favored by the young people.

Besides, in new Binhai Wanda square shopping mall, a lot ofthe latest and the most fashionable commercial leisure facilities become a good place for holiday amusement of citizens;Airport EuropeanTrade Center, SM Tianjin Binhai City Square andYansha Outlet are also very popular.“In the holiday,there are many people for shopping, and consumers generally think that it is cost-effective to buy import goods here."The relevant responsible personsof Tianjin European Trade Center said. 

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