"Internet + medication" allow people to see doctors in a more convenient way

2018-01-08 16:34

"Thank you very much for this long-distance medical consultation and I cured my stomach bleeding, which is really easy and convenient." Recently, Chen Anli, a resident in Haijingli Community, accepted a multidisciplinary consultation by the Fifth Central Hospital of Tianjin in Xingang Community Health Center. By using "Internet + " mode, patients can enjoy remote consultations with experts in the grade 3 and first-class hospitals in the district without any community support, which saves patients' time to the maximum extent. The reporter learned from the district health and family planning commission that the experimental results of signing up and grading medical treatment and construction of "Internet + medication" family doctors in Binhai New Area started in August last year. At present, interconnection between 9 community health service centers and five center hospitals has been realized.

Remote expert consultation facilitates community residents.

Chen Anli, a chronic patient, signed a family responsibility doctor last year with Xingang Community Health Service. "Since mid-November last year, I have been pooping black stuff for half a month, and then the stomach began to hurt. On December 4, I went to the community health service center to see a doctor," Chen Anli recalled. After knowing his condition and physical condition, his family doctor, Wang Xiaoying, immediately recommended remote consultation with the Fifth Central Hospital of Tianjin. After receiving the application, the Fifth Central Hospital of Tianjin attached great importance. Immediately after having made a detailed understanding of the patient's medical history, the chief physician of Cardiology, Vascular Surgery and Gastroenterology Department conducted a remote consultation. On December 5 last year, three experts used the blue card remote consultation system for Chen Anli’s consultation. After consultation, the experts found that the patient was in serious condition and needed immediate hospitalization. On the same day, the hospital arranged promptly, made a gastroscopy for Chen Anli, detected four bleeding points, and timely measured to stop bleeding.

It is claimed that Binhai New Area vigorously promotes the construction of Medical Association to promote the construction of grading medical treatment system and family doctor contracting system, determines the Fifth Central Hospital of Tianjin as a medical transfer hospital, and uses blue card Internet cloud platform to gather well-known experts from departments of grade 3 and first-class hospitals, to provide strong technical support for family doctors. Primary doctors through the medical network platform system and the top three hospitals famous experts direct contact for residents to diagnosis and treatment and remote consultation services. At the same time, experts also conduct training in remote business skills for grassroots doctors through the blue card medical cloud platform, and other community hospitals can watch online. At present, Jiefang Road Community Health Service Center, Sanhuai Road Community Health Service Center, Xingang Community Health Service Center, Dagu Street Community Health Service Center, Dahua Hospital, Xiangyang Community Health Service Center, Hujiayuan Street Community Health Service Center, Dagang Community Health Service Center and Xinbei Street Blue Card Community Health Service Center completed nine community health service centers, built a network platform with the grade 3 and first-class hospital and implemented 119 cases of medical transfer in the medical system as well as 12 remote consultations.

Optimized management helps with grading consultation.

The establishment of hardware is only a part of the "Internet + medical" family doctor contracting system and grading diagnosis and treatment system in Binhai New Area. According to Jia Xuehui, Deputy Director of the Medical Center of the Fifth Central Hospital, the hospital has now jointly established a multi-level medical treatment desk with Blue Card Group in the outpatient hall of the Fifth Central Hospital to support the referral services of the subordinate hospitals and higher-level hospitals. It adds special body of medical transfer membership clinics on the transfer fee window, so that a reasonable diversion can ease and optimize patients' medical experience.

Jia Xuehui told reporters that with the continuous promotion of grading treatment, the hospital plans to add 3-4 special outpatient billing windows and promotes the joint medical inspection project resource sharing, i.e., projects that community health service centers cannot carry out, the patients’ samples can be collected at the grassroots level and then to be sent to the Fifth Central Hospital for testing through the cold chain transportation system of the Blue Card Group. The Fifth Central Hospital will provide preferential policies for the testing of medical institutions in primary medical institutions in order to encourage patients to go to primary medical institutions for medical treatment first. It will also determine the schedule for teleconsultation experts and define the time and experts to better meet the needs of tertiary-level medical institutions for specialist medical services at tertiary hospitals. "

Qi Guowei from Xinbei Street Blue Card Community Health Service Center introduced that the HIS docking system, currently implemented by the Blue Card Network and the Fifth Central Hospital, will soon be able to use hospitals in the Medical Union to make an appointment with experts from the Fifth Central Hospital through the Blue Card Network, to comprehensively  implement the grading diagnosis and treatment mode of "first visit at the grassroots level, two-way referral, division and control of acute and chronic diseases, up and down linkage", to earnestly do a medical model featuring "minor illness in the community, serious illness in the hospital and rehabilitation in the community". In the next step, it will use the Blue Card Internet Cloud Platform to carry out the next pilot work in the Department of Cardiology in the Fifth Central Hospital of Tianjin, so that patients with stable conditions after treatment can return to their community for rehabilitation while doctors in the grade 3 and first-class hospitals and families doctors in community hospitals work together to protect the health of patients, to greatly save the patients' medical expenses. It will also solve the problem of acute illness and difficulty for sick people to see doctors with a win-win result.

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