Innovative protection of cultural heritage so that cultural relics can stay "alive"

2018-01-08 16:36

Recently, Binhai New Area held a special training seminar on protection over immovable cultural relics and invited Tianjin Cultural Relics Management Center, Binhai New Area Branch of Fire Brigade and staff of the Office of Protection of Cultural Relics, to give lectures to regulatory agencies for immovable cultural relics in Binhai New Area, users of non-removable cultural relics and responsible persons for security work, to convey the spirit of protection over cultural relics. It is reported that this is another measure taken by Binhai New Area to implement the work guideline for the protection of cultural relics and to build a safe line for cultural relics.

The report of the 19th National CPC Congress pointed out: the socialist culture with Chinese characteristics originated from the excellent Chinese traditional culture bred by the civilization of more than 5,000 years of Chinese nation so we must strengthen the protection of cultural relic heritage and protection over cultural heritages. Since the 19th National CPC Congress, various museums in Binhai New Area have organized many activities to actively innovate the inheritance and protection measures of cultural heritages, to further protect the cultural relics in Binhai New Area and to make the cultural relics stay "alive".

Interesting lectures can enhance awareness of protection over cultural relics.

"Have you been to or know any museums? Do you know anything in the museums?" In order to build the museum into a second classroom for teenagers, a few days ago, Binhai New Area Museum invited Yue Hong, a Librarian from Tianjin Museum and Director of Historical Department, to deliver a lively lecture for students of Tanggu No.2 Central Primary School in Binhai New Area Museum. Starting with the famous Chinese museums such as the National Palace Museum in Beijing, the Shanghai Museum and the Tianjin Museum, Yue Hong combined the collections with history and greatly enhanced the children's interest in exploring history and culture.

"'Literary knowledge lecture hall' is a special service brand launched for groups of young people, making full use of rich cultural relics resources to open the door for children to understand the knowledge of cultural relics and to enhance the awareness of protection over cultural relics for residents in Binhai New Area," said Cui Zhihua, Deputy Director of Binhai New Area Museum. It is claimed that the "literary knowledge lecture hall" has also entered the Shanghai Road Primary School, Caochang Street Primary School and other schools to further expand the scope of publicity.

Experts are invited to give advice to strengthen protection and utilization of cultural relics.

"When Hong Kong was handed over to Mainland China on July 1, 1997, the commemorative event in Tianjin to celebrate Hong Kong's return was held at the Dagu Fort. We just wanted to keep people in mind of this period of history, so patriotism education should be carried out at ancient ruins," said Ma Wenyan, Director of Dagu Fort Relic Museum, to reporters.

At the end of 2017, Binhai New Area organized a seminar on the Dagu Fort and invited many former experts, including Zheng Xinmiao, Former Deputy Director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Former Director of the National Palace Museum, Wang Chaoguang, Deputy Director of the Institute of World History at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and other famous experts and scholars in fields of culture, museum, world history, to share suggestions and advice for Binhai New Area to excavate value of cultural relics and to develop liberal arts and business. Experts put forward a lot of insights and played an instructive role in the construction of the museum." Ma Wenyan said, "To strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics, we must firstly protect and reuse them. Last year, the rescue and reinforcement project of site ruins of Dagu Fort was officially launched, and it has now completed the restoration of the Haizi Fort. This year, repair of Weizi Fort will also be completed."

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