The 6th China SME Service Conference held in Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone

2018-01-08 16:42

On January 4, the reporter learned from the 6th China SME Service Conference, held in Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone, that as of the end of November 2017, the number of SMEs in Tianjin will reach 438,500 while that of private enterprises will account for 94%, 15.3% up year-on-year. 10,700 technological enterprises will be newly added to reach a total of 91,600; 315 small giant enterprises will be added to reach a total of 3,510. The quality of the structure of small, medium and large enterprises in Tianjin will continue to be optimized, and the overall scale will be continuously expanded. As a series of policies and financial supports have been launched, the impetus for entrepreneurs to continuously promote product innovation, technological innovation, financial innovation and management innovation has been further stimulated. A diversified, distinctive and specialized system of innovation and entrepreneurship is gradually formed in Tianjin.

At the conference, Hua Changhong, Deputy Director of Tianjin Small and Medium Enterprise Development Promotion Bureau, told the reporter that in recent years, the Municipality has taken the implementation of the Transformation and Upgrading Plan of 10,000 Enterprises as the starting point and has upgraded some enterprises through industrial restructuring and shutting down and restructuring a batch of enterprises, as well as a batch of carrier upgrades and other means, to support technological innovation of enterprises, to develop new products and innovative financing services, to promote industry gathering and development, and to train skills to promote innovation and transformation of SMEs, with remarkable results achieved. In 2017, Tianjin has achieved the goal of innovation and transformation of 3,000 SMEs, surpassed the annual plan, and made it clear that by 2020, 12,000 enterprises will achieve the overall goal of innovation and transformation. To this end, financial funds of 300 million yuan are specially arranged each year, which will be a total of 1.2 billion yuan in 4 years, to support business innovation and transformation.

In the face of the issue of real economy to further improve the quality and efficiency, Tianjin actively guides SMEs go specialization as special new development. Up to now, Tianjin has accredited a total of 555 special new products and financial support of 140 million yuan has been given to eligible products in a cumulative way. It has established special new product showrooms, and recommended companies to participate in APEC China SME Expo, to help SMEs go global and open up the international market.

In terms of promoting SME innovation and development of entrepreneurship agglomeration, Tianjin constantly improves the construction of entrepreneurship innovation carriers, by accelerating entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration bases, by cultivating small and micro enterprises, by promoting makerspaces, by encouraging the construction of public service demonstration platforms and other means, to promote various innovative elements to rapidly integrate. Nowadays, Tianjin has a total of 98 municipal-level demonstration bases, of which 12 are national-level demonstration bases. The total number of makerspaces in Tianjin has reached 154, with more than 5,600 entrepreneurial teams and 3,500 start-up enterprises, 68 municipal public demonstration platforms for municipal SMEs and 10 state-level demonstration platforms while giving financial support of 18.58 million yuan to 51 projects from 49 demonstration platforms.

In addition, in order to further realize the resource sharing and service coordination, the municipality also continues to optimize construction of the service system. In 2017, Tianjin's SMEs private economy public service platform network was formally opened and operated, forming a municipal-level hub service platform and realizing 12 district-level integrated window service platforms and 17 service centers for industrial agglomerations and interoperability of 23 private-owned economic work departments. As of the end of November 2017, the platform registered a total of 246 service agencies, with 205 service projects, nearly 440,000 visits, more than 52,000 service enterprises, training of 37,000 SME managers and staff, 209 management diagnostic consulting service enterprises, nearly a thousand legal services, and the implementation of service agencies subsidy funds of nearly 10 million yuan.

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