Winter military training assembled

2018-01-08 16:45

"No matter how high the mountain stands and how long the ground stretches, we measure with our footsteps; no matter how deep is love and how fond is affection, sweat shines in the sun." Recently, 600 newly trained soldiers from the Fifth Brigade of Armed Police Tianjin Corps went out in the cold wind and kicked off the annual camp training. They shuttled in the field paths and wove a camouflage dragon. At dawn, a loud bell rang to open the curtain of the camping. Packing, taking the gun and quick assembly, the new soldiers acted in a swift, nervous, orderly, rushing but organized way. With belief in the heart and strength at the feet, they marched all the way singing, to harvest all hardships. Though winter is freezing cold, they are brave to tease forward the long distance. The newly trained soldiers from the Fifth Brigade measured the march road with youth. This is the strength of the Chinese military.

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