Port Opening of Tianjin Nangang Industrial Zone Passes National Acceptance

2018-01-10 10:31

On January 8, the reporter learned from Management Committee of Tianjin Development Zone that National Port Management Office organizes the national acceptance team includingGeneral Administration of Customs, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Transport and General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China to conduct two-day acceptance on Dagang Port Area of Nangang Industrial Zone. National assessment team agrees that 5-6# universalberths of Nangang Port Service Company and 10# liquid chemical berth of Nangang Oldfield Wharf Storage Co., Ltd open to the outside world.

National assessment team sets facilities such as berths, safety facilities, isolation fence, bayonet and inspection field warehouse of Dagang Port Area of Nangang Industrial Zone and port departments and institutions, and conducts on-spot check on the port conditions such as the current and future office buildings, and listens to the report on opening to the outside. The national assessment team shows that the construction of port inspection sites or facilities of Dagang Port Area is completed, on-site supervision complies with the relevant provisions, the inspection unit business buildings meet the needs of the inspection work, inspection personnel can take the current inspection tasks, and military facilities protection and confidential work is implemented.The national assessment team agreesthat opening outside in Dagang Port Areapasses the acceptance, and signs acceptance meeting minutes together with Tianjin Port Office.

It is understood thatDagang Port Area of Nangang Industrial Zoneopens smoothly and passes the national acceptance, and is the first open port which passes the national acceptance in China according to the new port acceptance standard and method since National Port Acceptance Infrastructure Construction Method is issued newly. The open port will provide a more solid support for deepening the collaboration mechanism of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei port and carrying the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and development and construction of Xiong’an New Area.As the nearest starting point and bridgehead in eastern Eurasian Continental Bridge, the open port will strengthen the strategic pivot role on the Maritime Silk Road, enrich "One Belt and One Road" industrial and trade type, and expand wider space for regional economic development.

Nangang Industrial Zone is a world-class petrochemical industry base and port comprehensive functional zone, which will realize port opening of Dagang Port Area, further lift the port service function, enhance the capacity of port operations, optimize the port industry structure and industry chain, improve investment environment and promote the development of export-oriented economy of Nangang Industrial Zone. Meanwhile, it is the key measure to meet the urgent demand of foreign trade enterprises in the zone, reduce the enterprise cost and promote the development of enterprises.More importantly, the realization of opening of Dagang Port Area is directly related to opening to the outside and project production operation of SINOPECTianjin LNG accepting station port, and providesthe most important port guarantee so as to ensure the gas energy supply of north China as well asactual demands of people to warmly pass the winter and produce and live.

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