Eco-city added a new carrier for entrepreneurship and innovation

2018-01-10 10:39

On January 3, the launching ceremony of Beihang Star Makerspace was held in the NationalAnimation Park of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, which marked an additional incubator forthe Eco-city. Beihang Star Makerspace will create new space with the help of the resources of Beijing University of Aerospace and Aviation (BUAA) and Beihang Investment Co., Ltd. to attract innovative resources, advanced technologies and outstanding entrepreneurial projects in the Eco-city, to further optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurshipthere, to promote quality and efficiency of the Eco-city and to increase new momentum for economic development.

Projects settled target at high technologies.

The reporter has learned that the Beihang Star Makerspace is located in Block B2 of theNational Animation Building, with a total footprint of about 1,600 square meters, andequipped with 5 separate offices. It can provide about 90 positions. The first batch of more than 10 projects are settled, including high-quality projects emerged in the Beihang Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, and the vast majority of them are high-tech projects.

Beijing Keyi Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the first companies to enter the Beihang Star Makerspace. The company specializes in the development of entertainment educational robots and robotics platforms. In 2014, CellRobot, the first modular robot, was mainly used in quality education and STEAM education. Its founder and CEO, Yang Jianbo, said in 2017that the company formally established the CellRobot EDU product line and has successively offered courses in dozens of primary and secondary schools across the country, such as Beijing Renmin University Affiliated High School and Shuangliu High School Experimental School and so on.

In addition to Beijing Keyi Technology Co., Ltd., there are a number of high-quality projects settled in the Beihang Star Makerspace. They fancy the huge development potential and a good policy environment in the Eco-city. Xia Wei, Chairman of Beihang EntrepreneursClub, Chairman of Beihang Investment Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Colorful Technology Group,said that the Eco-city not only has a perfect industrial supporting environment andadvantages of industrial agglomeration, but it also has the advantages of pre-emptive pilot policies and high-quality government caring services, to provide enterprises with a broad space for development.

Professional services can help project take off.

In an interview with reporters, Wang Jianfei, Chief Executive of Beihang Investment Co., Ltd., said in his interview that in addition to being able to provide entrepreneurs with basic services such as office space, entrepreneurial counseling, planning of entrepreneurial activities and building an exchange platform, Beihang Star Makerspace will also highlighttwo advantageous services with distinctive characteristics say "technological innovation" and "Start-up financing". The Beihang Star Makerspace can jointly provide services for start-up companies such as docking of scientific and technological resources, establishment of scientific and technological projects, application of intellectual property rights and application of science and technology policies by combining with universities and tripartite bodies and provision of multi-channel financing for start-up companies. Through "incubation + technology + financing" all-factor entrepreneurial service model, it can help high-quality businesses and projects to better develop.

Not only because of that, there are many opportunities for the Beihang Star Makerspaceto "go abroad". According to Wang Jianfei’s introduction, Beihang has close cooperation with Silicon Valley, and it has partners such as the Plug and Play, a world-renowned incubator, which hatches out Google. In addition, Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Hanhai International and other well-known incubation agencies have reached cooperation with BUAA. In addition to the United States, BAUU also actively cooperates with excellent overseas incubators such as Europe and Israel to explore and introduce overseas high-tech projects and advanced technologies to promote domestic projects,to enhance overseas exchanges and toenhance the competitiveness of projects.

Quality resources are expected to continue landing.

"The Beihang Star Makerspace, with distinctive technical characteristics, is a high-tech incubator." Responsible person from the Eco-city Science and Technology Bureau said in an interview that the Beihang Star Makerspace is a supplement for industries in the Eco-city.At the same time, for the development of intelligent manufacturing industry in Binhai New Area, it also has the promotion significance. In addition, Beihang Star Makerspacecooperates with universities, which is of great significance for the transformation of scientific research. Next, the Administrative Committee of the Eco-city will also launch more in-depth cooperation with Beihang and more quality resources with the symbol of "Beihang" will continue to land in the Eco-city.

It is claimed that the Eco-city plans to cooperate with Beihang to build a science and technology town, and the Eco-city Tourism Area has now been selected. According to the plan, this 700-acre S&T town will not only carry high-quality industrial projects but will also have commercial and residential functions. At the same time, with the advantage of Beihang's disciplines, the Eco-city plans to jointly build an aerospace museum with Beihang in the Harbor New City. The museum will be located in the vicinity of the National Maritime Museum echoing each other to create a new landmark in the Eco-city. According to the plan, this project is expected to start this year. In addition, with the gradual increase of hatching projects, BUAA also plans to build a science and technology industrial park in the Eco-city, which is expected to further promote the achievement of land-based transformation and achieve regional industrial agglomeration.

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