Urban greening in Binhai New Area ranks the first in Tianjin

2018-01-12 10:52

"Although in the winter wind is relatively heavy, we still take children to play here when we are free," said Mr. Yang, a walking promenade at the Seawall Park in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, to reporters. The Seawall Park in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city is close to the Haibin Expressway, where bridges and mini-beaches attract many citizens.

This park is just one of the many green building projects in Binhai New Area in 2017. Reporters learned from Binhai New Area "four clear and green project", i.e., wetland protection, autumn and winter air treatment mobilizing meeting that, in order to comprehensively promote construction of a livable ecological new urban city and to improve the ecological living environment, the district's task for urban landscape construction in 2017 is 8.44 million square meters, among which an area of 9.9259 million square meters has started, an area of 8.5344 million square meters completed, accounting for 101.07% of the annual greening task; its completed construction area of urban landscaping ranks the first among districts and counties in Tianjin.

More than 42 new roads are built or improved.

It is claimed that in 2017, road construction in Binhai New Area has achieved remarkable results. In accordance with the principle of "greening along the road, greening everywhere and esthetic greening", Binhai New Area continued to list new developments of major roads in the area as key greening projects for the whole year. Over 42 roads were newly built and the greening area was more than 6 million square meters, which mainly includeed greening and upgrading works of South Avenue of Textile Avenue and Central Avenue, Phase IV greening construction of Xinbei Road, greening construction of Dongdi Road, green belt project of Haibo Road and Anming Road, etc. The greening of the channels mainly embodies the green effect and the greening of main roads in the city reflects the landscape effect. While creating the landscape ecological corridor, it also further highlights the ecological benefits of road greening.

Reconstruction of a number of new street parks

In 2017, the construction of park greening space will be one of the highlights of Binhai New Area's promotion of urban taste. Binhai New Area does a good job in construction of street parks. The Changzheng Cinema Street Park and Chaidan Street Taianli Community Park were newly built while Binhai Avenue North Lotus Pond Street Park, Guirenli Street Park, Renheli Street Park and Gangcheng West Street Park carried out construction. It will continue to promote the second phase construction of Zhaishang Park. The newly built Central Park is dedicated to provide good sports, leisure, entertainment, recreation public space to the surrounding citizens. At present, these parks have not only opened up the last 100 meters of green livelihood after upgrading, but they also added space for recreational activities for community residents. As a result, the appearance and sanitation of Binhai New Area have been further improved.

Construction of country parks is also an important task in the construction of parks and green spaces. In 2017, on the basis of summing up the experience of construction and management of country parks in recent years, Binhai New Area made every effort to promote the construction of the Guankang Forest Park and started the implementation of the fourth phase of the Guigang Forest Park upgrading project, including road greening and forest land afforestation. It also started reservoir greening projects. In enhancing the urban park landscape and improving the facilities of the park, Binhai New Area completed 158,900-square-meter greening project of Seawall Park in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, 340,000-square-meter greening project of Ganluxi Park in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, and 201,500-square-meter greening project of Haigang Park; it implements bridge repair and construction of new roads of Tanggu Forest Park, improves the park road access system and eliminates fire safety problems.

Binhai New Area will continue to build ecological reserve forest in 2018.

It is learned that in 2017-2018, Binhai New Area plans to start 27,446 mu of urban greening projects with an investment of about 4.04 billion yuan. The ecological reserve forest will be vigorously rebuilt and urban parks like Yuewan Bay Recreation Park in Tianjin will be started to be constructed, renewed and upgraded 25 road greening projects and the coastline ecological restoration and landscape protection works on the coastline of South Bay will be rebuilt. At the same time, Binhai New Area will also start 18254 mu of green building for idle construction land.

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