Open economy to stimulate new development vitality for TBNA

2018-01-12 10:53

The report of the 19th National CPC Congress pointed out: We should promote liberalization of trade and investment and promote economic globalization in the direction of more openness, inclusiveness, tolerance, balanced and win-win progress. We should focus on the One Belt and One Road Initiative, adhere to the principle of bringing in and going abroad the same way and strengthen the opening up and cooperation of innovation capabilities so as to create an open pattern of linkage between home and abroad, and between the east and the west. An open economy is the source of vitality for development, which can bring new impetus to the future development and expand new space.

As a pilot area for comprehensive reform of the country, Binhai New Area has been given the most open policy advantage and has created an open economy, which is undoubtedly an important path to increase the vitality of the development of the district and expand new space. In fact, in recent years, based on the general trend of economic globalization, Binhai New Area has taken full advantage of both domestic and international markets and resources to deepen comprehensive complementary reforms, to build a new fulcrum of the Belt and Road Initiative and to expand new areas for trade cooperation. The internationalization level of Binhai New Area has added new vitality to the development.

To open up the global pool of quality resources

From the national comprehensive reform pilot zone to the free trade pilot zone, Binhai New Area has been honored as a pilot field for a new round of reform and opening-up, and Binhai New Area has been given the most open policy advantage by the state. In recent years, it has been continuously moving forward in reform, innovation, development and opening up, deepening comprehensive reform, and striving to build a service system that meets the requirements of internationalization, marketization, legalization and facilitation of trade and investment.

"We continue to optimize the business environment so that foreign investors can make progress. Binhai New Area is a very attractive destination for foreign investment, where makes foreign investment more open, more equitable and more convenient; it breaks the bottleneck of approval, greatly increases the efficiency of foreign investment and enables domestic enterprises to be more emboldened to sail to global market; it has innovative measures such as clearing management barriers, customs clearance integration and paperless clearance, which have enabled foreign trade to "run fast," the relevant official from Binhai New Area's Commercial Commission said.

In the past year alone, Airbus, the world's aviation giant, announced the opening of its first A330 wide-body aircraft completion and delivery center outside of Europe in Tianjin Binhai New Area, demonstrating its determination in its strategic partnership with China. With the implementation of customs innovation supervision measures such as batch import and export, centralized declaration, the customs clearance time is reduced to a minimum and the customs clearance costs are reduced. The innovation of the regulatory mechanism for trade facilitation in the Pilot FTZ allows enterprises to enjoy the bonus of reform and opening up. For Europeans who are always strict and meticulous, this strategic new decision tells you: it’s right to choose Binhai New Area!

The world's top performing arts leader the Juilliard School overseas branch - Tianjin Juilliard College also officially opened in Binhai New Area and the main building is expected to be completed by the end of this year, and then it will be approved by the State Ministry of Education to start enrollment in 2019. Before the project was settled, the Juilliard School conducted a full preliminary study. They hoped to choose an open, inclusive and excellent cooperation mechanism overseas and finally surrendered the olive branch to Yujiapu.

To create a new fulcrum for the Belt and Road Initiative

Binhai New Area is endowed with the most open policy advantage. The depth, breadth and intensity of its opening to the outside world are also closely related to the strategic layout of major national development. In recent years, Binhai New Area has seized the strategic layout of the Belt and Road Initiative and used its advantages in terms of location, policy and industry to create a new fulcrum of the Belt and Road Initiative. In addition to "bringing in", we should speed up the pace of "going global" and tap new potentials for development on the vast "Silk Road."

At the beginning of 2018, a list of freight trains from Tianjin to Moscow, Russia, loaded with COSCO's sea freight forwarding container cargo, slowly pulled out from Tianjin Port, marking the first formal opening of Sino-Russian express trains for COSCO Shipping Departure. A person in charge the COSCO Shipping said that in the future more products from Russia and Mongolia will reach the markets across China so as to create even more powerful new momentum for the nation's construction of the Belt and Road Initiative. It is the enormous time cost saved by the China Railway Express, some well-known enterprises are also optimistic about this fast-track channel, which will bring about a rolling supply of goods.

The fast and convenient channel has laid a solid foundation for the smooth flow of the Belt and Road economic belt. In addition to trade, Binhai New Area, driven by the Belt and Road Initiative, has successfully exported the experience of Binhai New Area management to create a comprehensive economic zone that has attracted the development of enterprises in various fields with agglomeration. Using its advantages in industrial development, leading enterprises have gone abroad one after another for in-depth cooperation with other countries and regions along the Belt and Road Initiative such as agriculture and equipment manufacturing, to accelerate the pace of investment to "going global". TEDA Model, a model for the operation of China's Development Areas, was successfully introduced into the TEDA Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, and in Kalimantan Island, Indonesia, where a China-based Julong Group headquartered in Binhai New Area starts. These practices of opening up make full use of both domestic and international markets and resources, have promoted the flow of factors of production in the vast Silk Road and also expanded new space for their own development.

To foster new formats of foreign cooperation

Nowadays, a more open era is coming. This will also require a higher level of expansion of foreign trade and fostering a new model of foreign new business. Relying on the two groups of 175 independent innovation measures since the establishment of the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, this has brought new opportunities for enterprises in the district to expand overseas cooperation. Many emerging trade cooperation have made breakthroughs in their development.

For instance, since Tianjin was approved as the pilot city for cross-border e-commerce supplier, the cross-border e-commerce business in Binhai New Area has ushered in a spring of development with the help of industries, locations and policies. At present, more than 130 cross-border e-commerce pilot enterprises are registered in Binhai New Area, bringing together large-scale cross-border e-commerce enterprises such as Jingdong, Netease Koala, Vipshop and Jumei Commodities, and building their important global import commodities distribution centers in North China. According to statistics, this year, the cross-border e-commerce operators in Binhai New Area will complete about 4 million orders and generate revenue of 800 million yuan. It is estimated that there will be a more rapid development next year.

In the export field of overseas projects, with the support of a number of innovative policies, a number of large projects have been set up, including the construction of CCCC Ocean Shipping, Sinotrans CSC Offshore Wind Power, and the TBT Bonding and Maintenance of TBT Equipment. Dongjiaing Free Trade Area of Binhai New Area is building China's largest export base for overseas projects and urging enterprises to export their overseas projects more conveniently. The base will serve as an important carrier for Binhai New Area to serve the national Belt and Road Initiative and to serve the development of the real economy. Taking full advantage of the functions and policies of the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone and expanding its international market share are becoming new growth points for the foreign trade in Binhai New Area.

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