A group of "sophisticated" scientific and technological achievements in TBNA stand out in China

2018-01-12 10:55

On January 9, the reporter learned from the Science and Technology Commission of Binhai New Area that in 2017, with support of policy innovation, support for R & D platform institutions, support for the leading technological enterprises, broaden channels of scientific and technological financial services and upgrading the quality of innovative carriers, S&T results continue to emerge, and the ability of S&T innovation-driven industries is further enhanced while a number of "sophisticated" scientific and technological achievements stand out in China.

Binhai New Area is to further improve the policy system.

Binhai New Area constantly improves the science and technology support policy system to support the iconic S&T leading enterprises. In 2017, Binhai New Area formulated and approved the Measures for the Recognition and Approval of Top S&T Leading Enterprises in Tianjin Binhai New Area in 2017, identified 10 leading scientific and technological leaders and awarded one million yuan for each. Total R & D investment of 10 companies in the previous year is more than 1.3 billion yuan, with total sales revenue of more than 15.8 billion yuan.

Since 2017, Binhai New Area has continuously made major breakthroughs in policy innovation. It implemented the Opinions on Deepening the Reform of System and Mechanism to Release Vitality of Scientific and Technological Personnel, worked together with the taxation department of Binhai New Area to formulate the Measures for the Accreditation of Deductions of  R & D Expenditure for Enterprises in Binhai New Area, and formulated and promulgated the Implementation Rules for Binhai New Area to Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship by High-level Talent Team and other six implementation rules of talent policy, to constantly improve the scientific and technological policy system that can be quantified, testable and implemented.

In order to further improve the IPR policy system, Binhai New Area also issued the 13th Five-Year Plan for Intellectual Property Development in Tianjin Binhai New Area and Tianjin Binhai New Area's Action Plan on Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection and Use in the 13th Five-Year Plan and the Work Program for Cultivating Tianjin Binhai New Area into the National Intellectual Property Model City and other policy measures, with good response achieved.

Scientific and technological innovation results

The improvement of policy support system has promoted the fruitful achievement of scientific and technological innovation in Binhai New Area. In 2017, relying on the National Supercomputer Tianjin Center and university resources, Binhai New Area will speed up the construction of the "E-Class Computer Key Technology Verification System". At present, the project has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology as part of the national key research and development plan of the 13th Five-Year Plan and will be used as the upgrade system for "Tianhe-1" and the prototype for "E-Class High Performance Computing System" (Tianhe-3) in the future. It is estimated that prototype construction will be completed in early 2018.

In terms of industrial and military integration, the first batch of four projects launched by the Institute of Civil-Military Integration and Innovation of Binhai New Area also achieved initial success. Among them, two projects of Phytum processor and Kylin operating system have successfully completed the project introduction and incubation. The National Key Project for Core Components, High-end Communication Chips and Fundamental Software say the "super computer processor" project obtained state funding of 229 million yuan. The project of Independent Internet of Things test and certification center is formally established, and has built completely independent standards of RFID test and certification system and the leading IC-EMC test system, to provide all-round guidance and demonstration capabilities and strength to domestic military and local enterprises for technical research and product development.

At the same time, with the innovation platform of Zhejiang University Binhai Industrial Technology Research Institute, Tianjin Academy for Intelligent Recognition Technologies, Tsinghua University Electronic Information Research Institute and Peking University (Tianjin Binhai) New Generation Information Technology Research Institute, accelerate the formation of industrialization capacity, Binhai New Area has a total of 19 hatching enterprises and 76 projects under incubation. China's first integrated long-range iris face recognition system, the first smartphone with iris recognition authentication, the world's first ARM-based FT-2000 (64-core) chipset and other achievements of conversion products in science and technology have been widely used in the country. In addition, Binhai New Area has also established a standardized management of research and development institutions and an investigation of audit mechanism to improve the efficiency of the use of financial resources. It supported 43 new projects with a total of 281 million yuan in 2017.

Innovation and business environment is significantly improved.

Significant achievements in scientific and technological innovation cannot be achieved without the constant optimization and improvement of the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. As Jingdong, Alibaba and other enterprises have started construction of makerspaces in Binhai New Area, the overall innovation and business environment for Binhai New Area has been continuously improved. It is claimed that in 2017, Binhai New Area created 10 makerspaces, with a total of 58, of which 19 are at the national level and 33 at the municipal level. Makerspaces in Binhai New Area has gathered 5211 makers, 2076 venture teams and 2440 start-ups. It has accumulatively helped entrepreneurs to obtain financing of 3.562 billion yuan. At the same time, Binhai New Area also built 15 state-level incubators, of which 2 incubators are rated as Excellence (A) by the Ministry of Science and Technology, accounting for 40% of Tianjin.

Reporters found that Binhai New Area actively builds incubator platforms and attaches great importance to select and to attract high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship teams. In 2017, eight high-level innovation and entrepreneurship teams were successively selected to be nominated as the "Second Batch of Tianjin Special Support Program for Talent Development", and 19 top leaders in science and technology innovation were selected for the "Introduction of leading talents in science and technology innovation in Binhai New Area in 2017". 255 entrepreneurs were selected by Tianjin’s "new entrepreneur training project", with the total number accounting one-third of that of the municipality.

In order to broaden channels for providing science and technology financial services, Binhai New Area has also formulated the Work Plan for Pioneering Investment Agglomeration Demonstration Zone in Tianjin Binhai New Area and subsidized 104.4 million yuan for comprehensive pilot projects in modern service industry, bringing in social capital of 124 million yuan. It implemented share reform policy with subsidized funds of 25.05 million yuan for 64 scientific and technological enterprises, and it is expected to add 70 companies with share reform so the total number reaches 175; 47 companies are newly listed, with a total of 167. It will promote a number of technology-based enterprises to set up venture capital funds and angel investment funds, with total capital of 781 million yuan.

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