Spring Festival in Binhai New Area with batches of "welfare"

2018-02-01 10:31

Coming to Longda Hot Spring Eco-city to see colorful circus performances, picking strawberries in the Hangu Farmhouse to experience rural life, taking an international luxury cruise to a romantic sea trip ... Since the Spring Festival is approaching, the public are planning a holiday leisure travel. Yesterday, reporters learned from the tourism department of Binhai New Area that during the Spring Festival this year, a series of new "welfare" for tourism and shopping will be launched at various tourist attractions, agricultural homes and shopping centers in Binhai New Area to attract more tourists from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to come for sightseeing and shopping.

Various theme parks present colorful activities.

During the Spring Festival this year, various theme parks in Binhai New Area will launch a series of colorful winter-featured tourism activities to attract tourists to visit and play according to the characteristics of winter tourism. For example, in the Polar Snow Festival in Haichang Polar Ocean World, the theme of Happy and High New Year and New Spring Festival will be followed by hot topics in the Year of the Dog to recruit Alaska and Huskies and other pet dogs and owners to participate in the activities of ice and snow festival. At the same time, it will also launch the activity of "19.9 Yuan Discount for Citizens with Zodiac of the Dog". Qualified visitors can purchase tickets with RMB 19.9 that originally cost 340 Yuan in Haichang Polar Ocean World with their own ID cards. They can explore the Polar Museum, Future Jellyfish Museum, Polar Adventure and Snow Festival.

In the Longda Hot Spring Eco-city, brilliant circus will be staged. Tiger bridge slide, lion greetings to welcome guests, bear jumping obstacles, dogs riding bicycles, bear skipping and other programs will be staged. The height of thick hanging, top altar, high-altitude trapeze, water and gas meteor circus show will also be thrilling and exciting.

The Tianjin Fantawild World will hold "New Year's fair" activities, where many specialties and wonderful performing arts will enable visitors to fully explore temple fairs.

Picking strawberries and taking a cruise: different ways to celebrate the Spring Festival.

During the Spring Festival this year, the sixth Binhai Hangu Street Strawberry Cultural and Tourism Festival will also be held in Hangu Street in Binhai New Area. Visitors come here to pick the roots, akihime, white strawberries, black incense, sweet charlie and more than 20 varieties of strawberries and to experience the rural life. In addition to strawberry sheds, there are many vegetable sheds, plectranthus, rosemary, lettuce, dwarfed tomatoes, etc. for viewing and tasting.

With the continuous improvement of the cruise industry in Binhai New Area, international cruise lines have also extended cruises to Hong Kong this year. During the Spring Festival, Tianjin International Cruise Homeport will have a number of international cruise lines to Fukuoka, Nagasaki and other places. Northern citizens can celebrate the Spring Festival holiday at sea.

In addition, after the establishment of the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone, the Pilot FTZ shopping tour has also become a new highlight in the tourism market of Binhai New Area. With the bonded exhibitions in the Pilot FTZ, "store with warehousing as back-up" and other models, it has become a reality that consumers can buy famous international genuine brands with cheaper price than those in domestic malls.

"Shopping and leisure travel is now more and more popular with tourists. In order to greet the Spring Festival Golden Week, we have sufficient supply of goods in advance, selected from Japan, South Korea, Germany, Turkey and many other countries and regions. Hundreds of thousands of products can meet tourists’ purchase demand for different types of goods," said relevant person in charge of the Yujiapu Globalgo. It is claimed that Beijing-Tianjin intercity high-speed rail extension line in Yujiapu and Tianjin-Baoding high-speed rail line have brought a large number of tourists from Beijing and cities in Hebei such as Baoding, Shengfang, Bazhou, Xushui and other places to Binhai New Area. It is expected that during the Spring Festival this year, the tourist attractions in Binhai New Area will welcome a high tide of tourists.

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