Binhai New Area to promote basic education at a high level for balanced development

2018-02-05 10:25

"With the dramatic changes that have taken place in the schools' hardware and software in recent years, there is little difference between schools now and children can enjoy quality educational resources at their doorsteps." Nowadays it has become the consensus of more and more parents and students in Binhai New Area. With the continuous development of Binhai New Area and the influx of a large number of migrants, people's demand for educational resources has gradually increased. To this end, Binhai New Area has continued to develop a balanced education that effectively meets the needs of regional growth so that children living here can not only "learn" but can also "learn well".

The reporter learned from the Education and Sports Commission of Binhai New Area that in recent years, nearly 100 new and expanded kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Binhai New Area have been established so that the hardware level can tend to be balanced among zones, between urban areas and rural areas, and among schools. The schooling coverage of children received from migrant workers' amounts to 100%.

Improving the educational environment in all aspects

In order to build a balanced educational platform and expand the quality resources, Binhai New Area conducts a new round of school layout adjustment, and newly builds, expands and rebuilds schools in newly-built functional zones, newly-built residential areas and old urban areas respectively, realizing full coverage, effective expansion and optimization of educational resources, to improve school conditions, to narrow the regional, urban and rural, inter-school disparities. In recent years, the district government continues to devote special funds to the school safety project, the standard construction of primary and secondary school modernization, the pre-school education resource construction project and the construction of the three links and the construction of new kindergartens and infrastructures for primary and secondary schools.

In 2017 alone, five new schools in Bestown Kunming Road Primary School will be set up in Binhai New Area and the construction of 10 schools and kindergartens including Tianjin Normal University Binhai Affiliated School and Western New Town No.2 Kindergarten will be accelerated. 46 schools will pass the compulsory education modernization and acceptance. This year, Binhai New Area will also build the Shouchuang Primary School and other four schools and kindergartens, complete main project of four schools and kindergartens like Dagang Dongcheng Primary School, etc., upgrade TEDA International School and other 70 primary and secondary schools and construct the Dongyiqu Nine-year School, Xinjiayuan No.2 Kindergarten and other five schools and kindergartens.

In Binhai New Area, a number of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens were newly built and a number of hardware facilities at the schools were upgraded in an all-round way. School playgrounds, book delivery, equipment upgrades, toilet renovation, canteen construction, drinking water system renovation, campus greening and campus cultural construction and other projects were implemented, to improve the school hardware environment in an all-round way.

Achieving a high standard of balanced development

In order to make the newly-built primary and secondary kindergartens one of the best schools in the country as soon as possible, among the completed schools, the Free Trade Zone introduced Tianjin No.1 Middle School and Tianjin Experimental Primary School to realize the cooperation in running schools and introduced Beijing Oriental Cambridge Early Childhood Education Institute to build the first-class comprehensive kindergarten; the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city and Tianjin Foreign Studies University jointly organized the Tianjin Binhai Foreign Languages ​​School (Binhai Xiaowai) affiliated to Tianjin Foreign Studies University and Ivy Education Group to set up an Ivey Kindergarten of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city. Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone commissioned TEDA Maple Leaf International School in a model of state ownership and non-governmental operation in Tianjin, to run the Maple Leaf International School in Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone; Tianjin Normal University cooperates with the Binhai Central Business District to set up Tianjin Binhai Affiliated Primary School. Last year, the world's top music academy Juiliard School's first overseas branch was started in Yujiapu. This year it will continue to speed up its construction to ensure that the school will start in the fall of 2019. "The introduction of these high-end educational resources has effectively guaranteed a high standard of balanced allocation of schooling educational resources and achieved a balanced development from a high starting point," said the relevant person in charge of the Education and Sports Commission of Binhai New Area.

In addition, Binhai New Area also plans to build a supporting school in a newly built residential quarter into a branch school of the prestigious school to better exert the exemplary radiation leading role of famous schools in Binhai New Area so as to enable as many children as possible to enjoy more quality education. Currently, the Fuzhou Road Branch and Ocean City Branch Park of Tanggu No.1 Kingdgarten, Fuzhou Road Campus of Zhejiang Road Primary School and Ocean City Campus of Tanggu Experimental School have been operating for many years and have become good schools and prestigious schools in the minds of people in Binhai New Area.

Education and teaching quality continues to improve.

The relevant person in charge of the District Education Committee in Binhai New Area said that in the next few years, Binhai New Area will continue to strengthen the construction of quality educational resources. The newly-built residential quarters will establish 50 new high-quality schools and kindergartens based on the principles of simultaneous planning, synchronous design, simultaneous construction and simultaneous delivery by means of group schools, commissioning management, branches of prestigious schools and other modes, to constantly expand high-quality basic educational resources.

In order to fully implement the educational personnel training project, Binhai New Area will continue to implement the "Three Prestigious" construction projects, establish 15 chief principals’ studios in Binhai New Area, first-class teacher's studios and prestigious teacher's studios, to achieve full coverage of basic educational sections and full coverage of disciplines.

At the same time, it will also comprehensively improve the quality of education and teaching, take the lead in completing the modernization of compulsory education schools in Tianjin (2016-2020), reform weak schools in a multi-modal and multi-channel way, expand quality educational resources and reduce the gap in level and quality of schools. It will improve the flow of teachers in compulsory education, rotation system of principals, and a balanced allocation of educational human resources. It will further promote the construction of characteristic general high school and realize the general development of high schools.

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