The Doingdi Park is Basically Completed A New Place is Added for Going on Spring Out Coastally

2018-02-06 11:23

Overall construction of the Dongdi Park located in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city has now been basically completed and the park will open soon.Yesterday, the reporter came to the scene and found thatthe entire park spread along the coastline,which realized the transition from the land area landscape to the coastal landscape. Since almost everywhere in the park has the view of the sea, it will provide citizens with a good place for getting close to the sea.

According to information, the Dongdi Park in the Eco-city has a total area of about 35 hectares, from the Haixu Road in the south, all the way north past the Mazu Cultural Park. In the children’s play area, all varieties of facilities are available, such as the slides and other recreational facilities, beach pool and cobblestone trails, etc. By the sea there is also a boardwalk, where everyone can enjoy watching the sea, no matter adults or children. In addition, the park also hassupporting facilities like artificial leisure beach, a small landscape lake,parking, sales department, bathroom, and nursing homes, etc.

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