Establishing healthcare concept and speeding up construction of a healthy Binhai New Area

2018-02-08 14:03

On February 5, Binhai New Area held a conference on hygiene and health, to conduct in-depth implementation of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the spirit of the related national and municipal conferences. Binhai New Area was scheduled to deploy hygiene and health work and to accelerate the construction of a healthy Binhai New Area. Zhang Yuzhuo, a member of Municipal Standing Party Committee and Party Secretary of Binhai New Area attended and addressed, together with Wang Jianguo, Party Secretary and Director of Municipal Hygiene and Family Planning Commission. Zheng Huiying, Deputy Party Secretary of District Party Committee, deployed construction work of a healthy Binhai New Area. Li Cailiang, a member of District Standing Party Committee and Secretary of District Party Committee, attended the conference. Guo Jingping, Deputy District Governor, presided over the conference.

Zhang Yuzhuo pointed out that it is an urgent requirement to establish a prosperous and livable intelligent new city in order to improve political positions and to conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the Central Government and the Municipal Party Committee. It is also an inevitable requirement for building a healthy Binhai New Area to achieve the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. The important measure for increasing and adjusting the structure is the ardent expectation of the people in Binhai New Area on the need of a better life. We must adhere to the people as the center, firmly establish the concept of hygiene and healthcare, and earnestly prioritize the establishment of a healthy Binhai New Area.

Zhang Yuzhuo stressed: Focusing on the key points and basing ourselves on the two focus say the entire population and the entire life cycle, we should take more direct and effective measures to comprehensively enhance the people's health and to promote the construction of a healthy Binhai New Area. We must adhere to prevention and work hard to popularize a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to shift the focus of work from disease treatment to health management, to improve people's literacy towards health, to promote a healthy lifestyle, to strengthen prevention and control of major infectious diseases and chronic diseases, to create a green safe and healthy environment, to adhere to integration of prevention and treatment, coordinated prevention and control, group prevention and control, and strive to provide hygienic and healthcare services covering the people's life-cycle.

Zhang Yuzhuo stressed that attention should be paid to putting the focus of work on the grassroots level, placing the resource elements at the grassroots level, earnestly grasping grassroots infrastructure, and focusing on making up shortages of qualified personnel, resources and services. We must uphold innovation and development, and work hard to deepen the reform of the medical and healthcare system. In line with the objectives and requirements set forth in the plan, we will focus on the reform of the "triple medical linkage" in medical care, medical insurance and medicine to deepen the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, to push forward the signing service of family doctors and to implement the reform of the medical insurance system. We must uphold nurturing distinctive characteristics and work hard to promote the development of healthy industries. It is necessary to further tap advantages, to create distinctive features, to promote the cluster development, intelligent development and characteristic development of the healthcare industry, to strive to cultivate the healthcare industry as a new economic growth point and to build an internationally competitive healthcare industrial base.

Zhang Yuzhuo stressed: All departments and units should take the construction project of a healthy Binhai New Area as the core project, hold onto their hands, implement concrete actions, intensify their responsibilities, intensify publicity and guidance, strengthen the supervision and examination, gather the wisdom of all parties in the district and push hygiene and health work in Binhai New Area to a new level.

At the conference, responsible comrades from the Administrative Committee of Free Trade Zone, District Education and Sports Commission and the Fifth Central Hospital made speeches.

The following figures participated: responsible comrades from each functional zone, relevant district departments and responsible comrades from each street and town; responsible comrades in charge of members of the leading group for the construction of a healthy Binhai New Area; the main responsible comrades from health institutions, enterprises and hospitals in the district.

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