Sinopec LNG receiving station officially enters commissioning phase

2018-02-09 11:27

Reporters learned from Nangang Industrial Zone on February 6 that LNG carrier "Zhongneng Beihai" from Australia docked at Tianjin LNG terminal of Sinopec Tianjin. The first gas-to-port dock marks the official entry of LNG receiving station with the highest degree of domestication in China entering commissioning phase.

It is claimed that SINOPEC Tianjin LNG Project is an important part of the national implementation of a clean and low carbon development strategy and a major national natural gas supply and demand guarantee project that can ease the tension of natural gas supply in North China and optimize the energy structure in the Bohai Rim. The first phase of gas supply can reach 4 billion cubic meters / year; the gas supply capacity of the second phase can reach 13.6 billion cubic meters / year.

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