TJAB: A place where "Innovative and Entrepreneurial" dreams come true

2018-02-11 16:17

On February 7, the Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine (TJAB for short) held the Symposium for Sharing Introduced Projects and Incubation Results 2017. During the activity, 11 enterprises such as Acelbio Tianjin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. went on stage and performed road shows. More than 70 leaders and representatives of biomedical enterprises and over 30 investors from well-known domestic investment institutions showed their brilliant achievements.

As a state-level Class A technological business incubator, the TJABcreatively proposed and implemented the "Binhai Mode", which adopts "Government Platform and Market Mechanism; State-owned Assets and Enterprises Operation; No Boundaries and Open Joints; International Certification and Mutual Benefit & Win-win", attracting more and more projects to settle here. Up to now, the TJABhas accumulated 230 incubated enterprises, with a registered capital of 3.08 billion yuan, so the effect of industrial agglomeration is increasingly prominent.

Highlights of showcased projects

In the road show, Acelbio Tianjin Biotechnology Co., Ltd. debuted and caught wide attention. The first batch of companies settled in the TJAB isabout to break the shell here to achieve industrialization.

"To realize the industrialization of large-scale cultivation of plant cells, we must let the world-leading plant cell scale cultivation technology we have developed bring the fruits of industrialization on the land of China and become the leader in the industrialization of plant cell culture in the world," Tan Guangwei, General Manager of Acelbio and his research team have made a bold speech. Now, they are moving toward this goal. Tan Guangwei told reporters that for the large-scale cultivation of plant cells platform technology, the company has been studying for decades, and its own intellectual property right of disposable bioreactor technology ranks the world's first. With the help of a large platform from TJAB, the company has reduced costs by raising the platform and integrating the metabolic regulation platform through plant cell scale, thus effectively solving the problems such as enlargement of plant cell scale, low yield of metabolites and high production cost, while opening up the application of plant cells in the field of cosmetics and functional foods. At present, the company is actively docking with Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA), Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city and other functionalzones to build a 10,000-liter GMP industrialization demonstration center while looking forward to forming an upstream and downstream industrial cluster basedon this.

Reporters found that in this sharing session, not only the "veteran" projects are about to graduate, but new blood are also to join in. Tianjin Celestica Biotechnology Co., Ltd. recently settled in the TJAB, and its general manager Liu Yiming, demonstrated to reporters the cover distribution technology. "Our cover distribution technology allows the isolation of solid extracts from bottled beverages from liquids to prevent the degradation of sensitive components," Liu Yiming told reporters that the technology can be used to develop additive-free, high-quality green beverages, which not only taste better, but also reduce storage costs. According to reports, the technology has now been patented, and has completed the mold design to make areal sample.

At the sharing session, the projects brought by Tianjin Keruiheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Shengfa Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Mei Rui Duo Biotechnology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. were also aimed at medicine, retirement health, food safety, medical treatment big data and other biomedical frontiers. Many projects have been favored by investors and caught attention, showing unlimited business opportunities.

Industrial agglomeration of innovative forces

In addition to the eye-catching technology brought by the roadshow projects, the TJAB focuses on the whole chain of new drug research and development and carries out more than 30 new drug development in prevention and treatment of major infectious diseases, anti-cancer treatment, treatment of metabolic diseases, vaccine development and so on. A series of important progress has been made in core technologies and key areas. The overall R & D capability and core competitiveness have been significantly increased.

This reporter learned that in 2017, the TJAB's doxycycline project of "old drug in new use", after obtaining clinical approval documents, obtained the ethical approval of Tianjin Tumor Hospital and was specially supported by the state's "13th Five-year" major new drug projects. At the same time, significant progress has been made in anti-tumor, functional constipation treatment, treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, treatment of type II diabetes,metabolic syndrome, key new drugs for the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis,anti-human hand-foot-mouth disease, biopharmaceutical research and development and preclinical studies. In addition, a high-throughput screening system for screening for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis drugs was established and a series of drug screening models and evaluation systems targeting key stages of virus invasion and replication were developed. It cooperates with Nikon Company to research and develop the technology of screening and evaluating advanced ophthalmic drugs. The new drug toxicity evaluation platform has also obtained the GLP certification document, which will provide the "leading" innovative R & D service for the biopharmaceutical industry.

A series of innovations gather and develop in the TJAB, which not only highlights the innovative strength of the entrepreneurial teams in TJAB, but also further highlights the industrial agglomeration effect. According to reports, so far, the TJAB has cumulatively incubated 230 incubator enterprises with a registered capital of 3.08 billion yuan, bringing together 35 state-level high-tech enterprises and 44 municipal high-tech enterprises in Tianjin.

Innovative initiatives continue to exert strength.

In the interview, the reporter learned that, in this platform to makedreams come true, many innovative initiatives continue to land, helping biomedical makers in the TJAB to realize their dreams.

According to Huang Yalou, Secretary of the Party Committee of the TJAB, in order to further promote the innovative and entrepreneurial project to take root, the TJAB will upgrade and revitalize the 1,000-square-meter area on the first floor of the experimental building as an extension of TJAB. The new region will be divided into functional areas, open up a relatively independent office space and enhance team office and business negotiation environment. At the same time the new video system will help start-up teams and team experts at home and abroad to communicate, to create "public" advantage of makerspaces, to promote brainstorming, and to stimulate more entrepreneurial inspiration. According to the plan, after the completion of the upgrading and renovation in 2018, TJAB will also introduce about 20 innovative and entrepreneurialprojects.

Building EEG application development platform is another foothold of the innovation initiatives in the TJAB. Relying on the bio-information platform inTJAB, the National SuperComputer Center in Tianjin, "Tianhe-1", University of Texas at San Antonio and other advantageous resources, the TJAB will create an EEG-related innovative and entrepreneurial platform. It is claimed that at present some of the equipment has been put in place, and more equipment will be introduced into the TJAB after the Lunar New Year. In the future, the platform will gather a group of EEG related innovative and entrepreneurial teams and projects. By then, a serious imagination such as reading a series of ideas from people's brain waves that can judge people's physical condition and mental status, identifying diseases, and controlling cars with brainwaves may all come true at the TJAB.

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