Protechwin Technology Co., Ltd.: Striving to be a "pioneer cow"

2018-02-11 16:19

In the precise instrument manufacturing market in China, the same technological products imported from overseas can be sold for more than one million yuan. However, there is no such home-grown high-end scientific research and equipment company in China–we cannot help but marvel. With innovative thinking and philosophy, TianjinProtechwin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Protechwin Technology"), an innovative and entrepreneurial venture company invested by TusStar Eco-city Innovation and Entrepreneurial Base in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, achieved rapid development in the past 6 months and the company is also looking forward to break this gap in the market and strive to be a "pioneer cow" in domestic precise instruments market.

The founder of Protechwin is named Cai Yuanxue. As a Ph.D., he is a celebrity from the domestic precise instrument industry, and it is beyond the expectations of many people that he changes from a college teacher to a pioneer in the domestic precise instrument market. In many years of research, Cai Yuanxue found that international preciseinstrument companies are monopolized by the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain and Switzerland, while there is no world-renowned high-end scientific research and equipment company in China, and foreigners make a huge fortune. To this end, he resolutely invested into innovation and entrepreneurship, and tried to change the statusof China’s precise instruments in the world.

With innovative thinking and excellent technology, Protechwinsuccessfully developed its pre-R & D projects and has developed a number of high-quality nanoimprint equipment, 3D printing equipment, distributed optical fiber sensors, solid-state lasers, high-power carbon dioxide lasers, mobile CTs, element monitoring system, high performance portable spectrometer, modulator, detector, Q switch, UV glue and other optoelectronic products and accessories, withindependent product patents.

In a series of applications of the actual sensing detection,Protechwin has developed a number of molding systems. Taking the portable LIBS system as an example, the system makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional methods of element detection in the fields of nuclear physics and food safety, and has the advantages of real-time, fast, non-destructive, sample-free preparation and so on. In addition, the visual inspection system of PVC film fisheye developed by Protechwin breaks the monopoly by foreign instrument manufacturers on the PVC film fisheye inspection equipment, which has filled our country's blank in this field. The optical fiber sensing system can be applied to geology, construction and other industries,and it bases on brillouin optical time-domain analysis and differential pulse pair technology, to enable high-precision andlong-distance strain monitoring.

"Successful enterprises must be built on a complete system of products and services, so refined products are not just products, but more complete services," Cai Yuanxue tells to himself. Protechwinwill also enhance its own capabilities and be active in the future, actively introduce various services and gradually realize the combination of products, technical advice, artificial intelligence and matching of third-party technical personnel, to stand firm in the domestic market of precise instruments.

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