Spring Festival bans firecrackers but flowers add fun

2018-02-12 10:56

December 23 in the lunar calendar marks the Little New Year. The ban of firecrackers diminishes the taste the New Year? Ms. Wang chose to buy flowers for the New Year's Eve to create a festive atmosphere. She felt that this approach is more environmentally friendly and healthier. With Spring Festival approaching, flower market began to be popular. The reporter visited and found that, compared with previous years, this year's flower market really changed a lot.

On December 23 in the lunar calendar, the reporter went to the flower, bird, fish and bug market in Guangzhou Dao, and saw an endless stream of people come to buy stuff. The owner of Haoqiang Flower told reporters that they could sell about 100 pots every day, and some people purchased flowers to put in their companies, offices with preference of umbrella leaves, snow trees and other large plants. For indoor decoration, people prefer rhododendron, phalaenopsis and other flowers. Ms. Wang was picking flowers in the florist, she told reporters that she chose azaleas, peonies and fortune trees because bright colors were also more festive. What are citizens’ favorite flowers for the New Year? Reporters visited flower markets in Guangzhou Road, Shenyang Road, TEDA Gardening and so on, and found mainly two answers: one is the flower with good name implication, such as the big fortune tree; the other is the flower with bright color and booming blossoms, such as Phalaenopsis, Rhododendron and so on.

In addition to potted flowers, the public like the cut flowers. Though shipments this year changed little, because of snowy weather in many places, the price rose significantly. Especially this year, Valentine's Day catches up with the Spring Festival, and Yunnan snowed, so prices of roses rose substantially – during the Spring Festival each stick of roses costs about 15 yuan.

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