Preaching activities for the Fifth Moral Model Award in Binhai New Area held

2018-02-12 10:58

On February 8, Binhai New Area held the Fifth Moral Model Award and Moral Model Preachment to read out the Decision on Commemorating the Fifth Model Ethics in Binhai New Area and the Fifth "Binhai Good Men", and the following figures attended and presented respectively for moral models: Zheng Huiying, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee; Deng Guanghua, a member of District Party Committee and Head of District Publicity Department; Zhang Changhai, Deputy Director of District People's Congress; Guo Jingping, Deputy District Governor; Yang Huanxiang, Vice Chairman of District CPPCC. Prior to the preachment, Zheng Huiying met with the Fifth moral models in Binhai New Area.

During the meeting, Zheng Huiying, on behalf of the district party committee and district government, expressed their heartiest congratulation and high respect to everyone and hoped everyone would cherish their honor and make persistent efforts to provide a powerful spiritual force for creating a prosperous livable intelligent new city. He said: You are loyal and diligent. You strive for excellence, fulfill your duties, and do your utmost to make extraordinary achievements in extraordinary positions. In the midst of a crisis, you are bold and fearless, helping save others’ lives. You help the sick and the poor, with dedication of kindness and love. You are unmoved in the temptation of money, strictly observing the principles of good faith and the duty of being a man. You honor the elderly, guardian the family, laugh on the hardships of life and prop up a clear sky for the family. It not only embodies the requirements of the core values of socialism in you, but also embodies the noble character of the people of Binhai New Area that are progressive and noble to the good. We hope that everyone shall cherish the honor, redouble his/her efforts to bring along more people around the good moral transmission down in Binhai New Area with convergence of good moral strength.

Zheng Huiying requires that the power of the model shall be endless. The Publicity Department should step up publicity on the advanced deeds of moral models, organize moral models to preach at the grass-roots level, set an example with moral models, vigorously promote the socialist core values, give full play to the moral models, and guide the whole district to lay a solid foundation for learning from models, singing the main theme, carrying forward the truth, the positive manner and the beautiful mindset, delivering positive energy and providing a powerful spiritual force for creating a prosperous, livable and intelligent new city.

According to the briefing, in order to learn and recognize the virtues of mortal beings and vigorously nurture and practice the socialist core values, in 2017, with the theme of "Ethical Binhai", the Civilization Office of Binhai New Area conducted the mass selection of the Fifth "Best Practitioner in Binhai New Area", selected 20 Fifth Binhai New Area moral models and 470 Fifth Binhai good men. The awards and preaching activities with the theme of "power of models", deeply touches everyone with stories of models who are dedicated, courageous, honest, trustworthy, willing to help and respectful to the elderly. Through publicity activities, Binhai New Area gives full play to models and leading roles, and effectively promotes the ideological and ethical construction of citizens in the district, to provide a spiritual impetus for the building of a beautiful Binhai New Area, and to further create a strong atmosphere of respecting models, learning from models and being models.

The following parties participated in the publicity activities: All relevant departments and units in Binhai New Area, the 5th moral models of Binhai New Area and the representatives of Binhai good men; more than 300 citizen representatives and civilized units.

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