Tanggu Ocean Science Park ushers “good start” of development

2018-02-12 11:00

"Industry first, entrepreneurs first", in order to create a good environment for the development of the entrepreneurs, in 2018, High-tech Zone Tanggu Ocean Science Park, takes "enterprise service year" as the work grasp, greatly improves the enterprise service level and service quality, and develops the regional window and "business card" functions. Encouraged by a variety of favorable policies, in January, the park sees "good start" of development.

The number of market subjects in the park reaches new peak again

It is seen from the registration number of the market subjects of the Administrative Licensing Service Center of Tanggu Ocean Science Park that there are 85 registered enterprises in January 2018, which increases by 98% in chain mode and grows by 52% year on year, with the registered capital of 316 million Yuan. There are totally 155 registered individual industrial and commercial enterprises, with investment of 18 million Yuan. In January, there are 19 enterprises in the park with the register capital of more than 5 million Yuan, including 14 technology enterprises. The incentives for introducing the leading industry companies have the effect.

Last December, Tanggu Ocean Science Park issues Reward Measures on Encouraging Intermediary Service Institutions to Introduce Leading Industry Companies to encourage the intermediary service institutions to introduce the ocean and new-generation information technology enterprises which conform to the regional leading industry development direction into the park, and give intermediary cash incentives according to the number and size of the introduced enterprises.

Driven by multiple positive policies, the whole area achieves the effective enhancement of project gathering and market dynamics. Last December, Red Star Macalline Binhai shop opened in Tanggu Ocean Science Park. So far, Red Star Macalline project has driven the registered number of market subjects up to 161, and the effect of industrial cluster effect has preliminary revealed. In addition, the completion of the project not only promotes the development of the park economy, but also drives the park employment and adds new vitality for gathering popularity, talent and industry for the park.

Greatly optimize the environment of development of small and medium-sized enterprises

To promote the file implementation of "Tianjin eight articles" and "three seven articles", Tanggu Ocean Science Park especially carries out the "enterprise service year" activities in 2018, adheres to the need guidance of enterprise needs, takes the construction of small and medium-sized enterprise service system as the main line, promotes the industry focus, platform focus, innovation focus and service focus, strives to solve the outstanding problems in the development of enterprises, simplify the work process, and optimizes the environment of development of small and medium-sized enterprises significantly.

In order to well serve the enterprises, and implement the "enterprise service year" to work, under the support of business, land tax and other relevant departments, The Administrative Licensing Service Center of Tanggu Ocean Science Park improves the one-time notification system, first inquiry responsibility system and assisting and receiving system, gradually promotes agency system, and improves service quality through system construction. It provides Internet materials submittal equipment for clerks, gradually achieves online booking queue, and effectively improves the "Internet + government" model. At present, registration of all kinds of market subjects can be dealt with on the Internet, and online registration of change will be gradually opened.

It is introduced by relevant directors that Tanggu Ocean Science Park will further take advantages of policies subsequently, provide faster, more efficient and more high-quality services for enterprises in the park, create the service system with perfect function, distinct features and standardized service system, and strive for more enterprises gathered in the park.

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