Agglomeration and development create a new advantage of automobile industry in Binhai New Area

2018-02-13 18:40

The 19th CPC National Congress reported that it is necessary to cultivate a number of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters. The cluster development of the industry is conducive to enhancing the industrial integrity and the degree of key industry coupling so as to achieve a better advantage of the real economy. In recent years, the establishment of the real economy in Binhai New Area has been achieved through building industrial clusters and developing agglomeration economies. In the field of automobile industry, Binhai New Area gradually built up a complete industrial chain by giving top priority to leading projects. While constantly upgrading its industrial scale, Binhai New Area actively seized new opportunities in the development of new energy vehicles and promoted industrial innovation and development.

Industrial clusters create a leap in momentum.

Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA) announced at the China Auto Industry Development (TEDA) International Forum 2017 held in September this year that: "By 2020, the vehicle production capacity of TEDA will reach 1.5 million and the total output value of the automobile industry will exceed 300 billion yuan, which means that TEDA, with 90% of the output value of the automobile industry in Tianjin, will achieve "two doubled growth" during the 13th Five-year Plan.

From the beginning of this century, the auto industry was like "a piece of white paper", and then in 2016, an output value of nearly 170 billion yuan was created. By 2020, more than 300 billion yuan will be created. Where does the momentum of auto industry to leap in TEDA come from? Where confidences in the future of the industry come from? In the opinion of the person in charge of the Administrative Committee in TEDA, "insisting on cluster development" is the common answer to these questions.

Since the Tenth Five-year Plan period, TEDA has always regarded the automobile industry as a pillar industry. From scratch, from small to large, TEDA has built a series of high-tech enterprises, coupled with a multi-country, multi-series, multi-species automobile enterprise cluster with self-owned brands, including foreign capital and domestic capital represented by Toyota, Volkswagen and Great Wall. It already has 6 vehicle manufacturers say FAW-Toyota, FAW-Volkswagen, Great Wall Motor, Qingyuan Electric Vehicle, Xingma Motor and Guohong Motor, coupled with products including cars, SUV, special vehicles and new energy vehicles. TEDA also has more than 140 supporting enterprises such as Volkswagen Gear Box, Aida Gear Box, Kumho Tire, Continental Automotive, etc., of which more than half are ancillary businesses, and one-third are high value-added industrial supporting projects. "As the scale of the auto industry cluster in TEDA continues to expand, the new influx of new businesses and the continual enrichment of product varieties can meet the needs of different user groups for different car models, resulting in the effect of 'the East is not bright and the West is bright'. Once the operation of a large enterprise has any problems, other enterprises can quickly make up for the losses and promote the healthy and rapid development of the automobile industry in TEDA as a whole," a relevant responsible person said.

In early 2016, TEDA and FAW-Volkswagen and FAW-Toyota signed the Agreement on Investment Support of FAW-Volkswagen Tianjin Plant Project and the Investment and Cooperation Agreement of FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. for the New Frontier Project respectively, marking that investment into FAW-Volkswagen North China Production Base and FAW-Toyota No. Four Factory is officially landed. The "two vehicles" project has a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan and a production capacity of 500,000 vehicles with a production value of nearly 100 billion yuan. At the same time, around these two leading projects, in particular the FAW-Volkswagen North China Production Base project, a large number of supporting enterprises will be gathered in to form a new industrial chain and industrial cluster and to promote the automobile industry in TEDA to jump in the period of the 13th Five-year Plan.

Industrial chains release magnet effect.

New energy vehicles are the future direction of the automotive industry. In this wave of changes in the automotive industry, Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone is relying on its industrial agglomeration advantages to actively seize new opportunities in the industry.

A whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles is formed covering from the power battery, electrical and electronic control, vehicle manufacturing, research and development centers to maintenance systems, service systems and investment institutions. At present, the Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone has gathered 18 innovative electric service organizations such as CLP Group and Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and reached international advanced level in pure electric drive system, power battery, electromagnetic compatibility, vehicle crash test and so on. Among them, in the field of power battery, the Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone brings together famous enterprises such as Lishen, Boston and Huianhui, forming a complete industrial chain covering from cathode, anode, separator and electrolyte to battery production, with a globally leading market share and technological innovation capability.

The formation of the industrial chain means more opportunities for business to come nearby and amelioration of the drawbacks caused by the decentralized industries in the past so that the industry's cohesion and solidarity in the zone will continue to grow. More recently, Tianjin Chinese-Academy-of-Sciences Institute of Advanced Technology and NEVS Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to set up a joint R & D center of enterprises to cooperate in the three major areas say battery development technology, motor application technology and light-weight technology, to further promote industry-related scientific and technological achievements in Binhai New Area to achieve industrialization.

In August 2017, the Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone signed a cooperation agreement with the British National Graphene Institute to set up a graphene engineering and technological center in Tianjin. At the same time, the Center will have all the results of cooperation and intellectual property rights developed by the two sides and agreed to the next step with the NEVS Automobile, Aikang Nike, Lishen Battery and other enterprises in the High-tech Zone for industrial promotion and cooperation in the field of composite materials and power batteries. This reporter learned that the British National Graphene Institute is the world's leading research institute of graphene, and its choice of Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone to set up graphene engineering and technology center is mainly due to the good industrial ecology for new energy vehicles there in the High-tech Zone. Vladimir Fokke, Director of the National Graphene Research Institute, said: "I have been to many cities in China, but Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone impressed me the most. There is a very good environment for the new energy automobile industry, coupled with vehicle companies, supporting parts and components business, research and development institutions, financial institutions and other services, which is very favorable for the commercialization of results."

When talking about the view of the industrial chain, the chief responsible person of the Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone said that after years of industrial layout, it has gradually formed the key components and basic materials such as the power battery and the electrical control of the motor. It has a complete service chain and an industrial chain. This requires the Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone to further enhance the its station and to be fully aware of the arriving tide of the development of new energy automotive industry, so all departments should exercise their due responsibilities, timely coordinate and solve problems encountered in the development of new energy vehicles for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles and create a good environment for its industrial development.

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