The "grey-hair" elderly prop up the New Year's Eve market

2018-02-13 18:41

Since the Spring Festival is approaching, the New Year shopping in Binhai New Area is in full swing. Reporters noted that among the bustling shopping crowd, "grey-haired" elderly senior citizens occupied half of the market as the main force for the New Year's shopping.

On the second floor of Zhongyuan Department Store, 71-year-old Mr. Chen just bought the shoes and accompanied his wife to see the jacket. "I have a few down jackets and coats at home, but every year new and more beautiful ones come out. I am getting older and also love to look pretty," Ms. Wang told reporters who was trying on a coat of about 1,000 yuan. With the living standards improved, the elderly begin to enjoy life and during holidays they must go shopping.

"The middle-aged and elderly is the mainstay of shopping, accounting for 40% -50%. Compared with the previous year, the proportion of elderly consumption has increased by about 16%. The shopping time of the elderly is mainly in the morning from 8:00 to 10:00, 14:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon to buy food in the morning and to buy some dried fruit, snacks, seafood and the like for the family," said Li Mutian, Manager of promotion planning headquarters. The elderly consumer groups accounted for a high proportion of shopping and the market is also subject to a higher degree of concern.

When the "grey-haired" tourists celebrate the Lunar New Year, the consumption covers from consumer goods like the basic food and clothing to leisure and entertainment services. "The middle-aged and elderly have the highest enthusiasm for traveling during the Spring Festival, and they are the mainstay of group travels, accounting for 60% to 70%, especially those retired in their 60s. They have time and well-to-do economic status. They also have higher travel frequency and some senior citizens even go travel abroad more than twice a year," said a staff from Binhai Holiday International Travel Agency. During the Spring Festival travel, many elderly people choose island tours and cruises.

Not only the physical New Year’s market, the major online business platforms have become good places for the middle-aged elderly to "go shopping spree" for Lunar New Year. "Seafood, tea, shoes, clothes ... I bought a lot online and during the Lunar New Year, 40 yuan discount per 300 yuan, which is less expensive than supermarkets," said a 59-year-old grandmother Liu. She has several shopping groups which are very busy to share shopping information in the end of the year.

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