Alcohol consumption in Binhai New Area stages a "Three Kingdoms Competition"

2018-02-13 18:42

With the approaching of the Spring Festival, alcohol sales on Binihai New Area market were staged in full swing. Reporters yesterday visited and found that prices of high-end liquor remain high this year while low-end liquors still dominate the entire liquor consumption market. However, the imported red wine has become the new darling of the public.

Reporters checked liquor stores in a number of supermarkets in Binhai New Area, "Free Gift," "Cheaper Combinations" and other promotional information covered with shelves. Promotional brands cover Tianjin Liquor, Centennial Wan Wine and more than a dozen liquor brands. Reporters saw in the supermarket that the promotional price was only 49 yuan for a bottle of Wuliangye Liquor, whose original price was 88 yuan per bottle. At the same time, some liquor brands also launched "buy wine get cash" activities to attract consumers. "I need to prepare goods for the Lunar New Year and I am afraid to buy fake alcohol online so I come specifically to the supermarket." Mr. Zhang told reporters that he was prepared to buy Tianjin Liquor with the affordable price of 150 yuan.

In contrast with the intensified promotion of low-end liquor, some high-end liquor like Feitian Maotai not only has stable prices, but also has limited purchase. One staff from a Maotai liquor store in Binhai New Area told reporters that the current 53% Feitian Maotai was sold at 1399 yuan by scanning the code and 2 bottles for per person, but the limited supply in the shop requires an appointment in advance. In Maotai Mall and other online sites, the reporter noted that the current state of Feitian Maotai sales are mostly reserved for sales and only after passing verification purchase can be eligible, with a limit of 2 bottles per person. At the same time, the Guizhou Maotai (Wu Xu Dog Year) 53% 500ml is sold at a price of 1699 yuan, which is in promotion, with a limit of one bottle per person.

One liquor wholesaler in Binhai New Area said that this year, high-end liquor sales pick up, and part of the liquor is still in shortage. Prices of Feitian Maotai and other brands are still stably high. However, the sales volume of high-end liquor accounted for limited proportion of the overall sales volume before the holiday, and most welcomed consumptions were still middle and low-end liquor.

Reporters noted that the tasteful imported wine with exquisite packaging also strives to gain a share of pre-holiday drinks market. "Compared to white wine, sales of red wine in the store increased even more obviously before the Spring Festival this year. Due to more Spring Festival promotions, people only need to spend tens of yuan to buy the original imported red wine," said a person in charge of a supermarket in TEDA. At present, the price of red wine sold in the store ranges from twenty to thirty yuan to several hundred yuan. As the price advantage has competed for the share of the consumption of some liquor. At the same time, people's dining habits gradually change. Not only do young people like to buy imported red wine for personal use and gifts, but also the amount of purchases by middle-aged and elderly people is also increasing year by year. Reporters found that some liquor products also present the combination of red wine, and further expand the target sales group. Among them, two bottles of puree wine plus two bottles of French red wine are priced at just 199 yuan.

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