Tianjin Customs issued the first national classification of customs pre-ruling decision: Foreign trade enterprises in TBNA taste new dividend of reform

2018-02-13 18:42

At 9:00 a.m. on February 11, Ms. Guo, logistics manager of DeLaval (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. in Tianjin Airport Economic Area, started the computer at the office of the company and submitted the "classified pre-adjudication application for goods called "Rotary Milking Machine" at the "Customs Contact System" of China’s Customs. In less than half an hour, she has sent the electronic application form and the attached electronic annex to the Customs for approval. At 9:30, customs officers at Tianjin Customs Classification Sub-center, received the company's classification pre-determined electronic application in the "China Customs Import and Export Commodity Classification System", and started review. Through the internal electronic approval process, Tianjin Sub-center on behalf of Tianjin Customs, at 12:00 on the day, issued a classified pre-ruling decision with the number of R-2-0200-2018-0001, which is the first ruling decision classified by China's customs. "The pre-ruling decision is valid in the national customs and provides a great convenience to our future customs clearance," Ms. Guo said.

The reporter learned from Tianjin Customs that the Provisional Regulations of the Customs Administration of the People's Republic of China on Customs Administration (Official Order of the General Administration of Customs [2017] 236) came into effect on February 1. Yesterday, the nation's first pre-classified decision issued by Tianjin Customs indicates that initiatives for the customs to services enterprises and to promote trade facilitation continue to deepen.

Tianjin Customs said the next step will be in accordance with requirements of the General Administration of Customs of China to continuously enrich the classification of pre-ruling decisions and admissibility check functions. It will launch on-line version of the WeChat public account called "Tianjin Classified Sub-center" and an APP called "China Customs Classification Test", to provide more convenient data and information service. In addition, it will also launch such services as "categorizing respect precedent" system, classifying pre-audit, tax research and other services in terms of data application, policy preaching and technical training, to classify problems for enterprises and to achieve change of service enterprises from "delivering the dish" to "ordering the dish".

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