“Seedling economy” in TBNA flourishes

2018-03-16 17:27

“Fruit trees and ornamental trees are the best sellers. Some customers buy more than a dozen trees. The workers are all going to plant trees for customers, and they are busy.” Fan Zhongyi, a nursery stock merchant, who wasbusy introducing customers to his own seedling varieties, told reporters. With the arrival of Tree Planting Day, the seedlings market in Binhai New Area wasflourishing. On March 12, the reporter saw in the flower, bird, and fish market in Guangzhou Road that more than a dozen nursery stock stalls were filled with various seedlings. From time to time, customers came forward to ask questions.

The public was more interested in the rare and expensive seedlings but few would like to buy.

During the spring planting season, in addition to landscaping units and residential property companies that need to purchase a large amount of seedlings for greening, many citizens also want to buy a few trees in the courtyard. The market for seedlings in the flower, bird, and fish market of Guangzhou Road in Binhai New Area opened on March 10. There are a wide variety of fruit trees, ornamental trees, and street trees. Prices range from a few yuan to several hundred thousand yuan, attracting large numbers of people fromBinhai New Area, Tianjin urban areas, and even Beijing and so on.

When interviewed by reporters on the spot, it was discovered that many citizens asked about the price of expensive tree species. According to industry insiders, there are few seedlings such as lobular rosewood and Hainan huanghuali in the north, because climatic and soil are not suitable for these species. Lime trees such as linden, black pine, and euonymus are suitable for the north, but the prices are high all the year round, and they can be sold for hundreds of thousands of yuan and even millions. There are two kinds of seedlings on the market with higher prices. One is a relatively expensive tree species, and the other is a tree with a long age. For example, a pomegranate tree seedling sells for several tens of yuan, and aged pomegranate trees can be sold for over tens of thousands of yuan.

“Generally, people just ask about very valuable seedlings, and few people buy it. For example, the price of a linden tree can buy an apartment.” According to Fan Zhongyi, the more thick and rare the tree species are, the easier they are to survive. This requires a longer tree age. Due to limited production, prices have remained high.

Seedling market continues to grow.

Fan Zhongyi witnessed the development of this nursery stock market from scratch and from small to large. He told reporters that he came to Binhai New Area in around 2005, opened the first nursery stock shop in the flower, bird, and fish market of Guangzhou Road, and later contacted the market management office with several other merchants and set up an annual nursery stock market. The market is opened on the eve of the Tree Planting Day each year and closed on the eve of the Labor Day for a total of 45 days. In recent years, as the market's demand for green seedlings and garden seedlings has increased, the nursery stock market has continued to grow and develop, and the market has become increasingly famous. There are many customers who have come from afar from Beijing.

Not only that, there are more and more types of seedlings. In addition to the common street trees such as white wax, ginkgo biloba, and Chinese wolfberry, as well as fruit trees such as hawthorn, apple, and grapes, there are many new tree species this year. For example, the fruit on a jujube tree resembles a gourd and a teapot. The fruit tree can be sold for several hundred to several thousand yuan depending on the age of the tree. In addition, there are new varieties such as sunspot pomegranate and Japanese cherry.

“The average daily net income of each booth can reach three to four thousand yuan.” Fan Zhongyi told reporters that due to Tianjin's green building needs and the growing public awareness of planting green plants, the market demand for seedlings is very large and it is estimated that they will enter sales peak season next week.

Seedling sales drive market development.

Mr. Huo bought two prickly-ash trees from the nursery stock market and planned to plant them in the courtyard. "Since the Tree Planting Day is approaching, I should plant two trees as response." Mr. Huo told reporters thatthis kind of seedlings with soil platform can be taken home and the seller has already told him about conservation knowledge.

After spending money on a tree, if it is not raised well, it would be likea firewood stick. Many seedling merchants began to create professional service teams to provide customers with one-stop industrialization services ranging from planting to conservation, which led to the development of the entire industry after the market. In addition to growing hundreds of acres of nursery, Fan Zhongyi established his own maintenance center for fruit and tree diseases and pests. “The nursery is in rural area in Shandong Province, and the maintenance center for fruit tree pests and diseases is located in Binhai New Area. Except seedlings with low price and small size, when customers buy trees, we provide door-to-door planting services. Pruning, drug fight, and pest and disease treatment services in the first year are free of charge, and appropriate fees will be charged from the second year."

Although the nursery stock market in Binhai New Area has developed rapidly in recent years, Fan Zhongyi believes that the branding of the nursery stock market is not enough: “Now we all know that there is a seedling market besidethe flower, bird, and fish market in Guangzhou Road, but the seedling market does not have its own proprietary name.”

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