Careful organization and preparations to ensure a successful summit

2018-03-16 17:29

The Annual Summit of China Green Companies will be held in Binhai NewArea from April 22 to April 24. Yesterday, Zhang Yuzhuo, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Party Secretary of Binhai New Area, inspected the progress of preparations for the summit. The following members participated: Li Cailiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and Secretary General of the District Party Committee; Zheng Weiming, Deputy Secretary of the Working Committee of TEDA and Director of the Administrative Committee of TEDA.

The Annual Summit of China Green Companies will be held at theIntercontinental Yujiapu Hotel which is to be open soon. Zhang Yuzhuo firstly came to the periphery of the hotel, took a look at the environmental improvement of the venue around the hotel, and inquired about the establishment and implementation of plans for atmosphere creation, traffic organization, and so on. Later, Zhang Yuzhuo entered the hotel and checked the ballroom, conference hall, meeting room, and guest rooms. No matter the brightness of the light, the dining environment or the layout of the scene, Zhang Yuzhuo carefully looked at the problems that existed in every place, provided detailed solutions, and required relevant units to improve in a timely manner.

Zhang Yuzhuo emphasized that this is the critical period for the development of Tianjin's private economy. The Annual Summit of China Green Companies will be held in Binhai New Area. Many international business elites and private enterprise giants will gather here, which is of great significance for promoting private economic development in Binhai New Area. It is necessary to further enhance the sense of urgency and strive to make all preparations actively, in-depth and meticulously, in order to ensure the success of the summit. We must work hard to create a better environment, strengthen the improvement of the surrounding environment, and do a good job in greening, landscaping and lighting. We will welcome the guests with a clean, tidy and beautiful image and display the good image of Binhai New Area. We must pay attention to actual results, and each functionalzone should actively engage in depth negotiation and take the initiative to make friends with private entrepreneurs and form partnerships to attract more good projects to settle in Binhai New Area so as to ensure fruitful results during the Annual Summit of China Green Companies.

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