Profitable intelligent healthcare begins to run in Binhai New Area

2018-03-27 17:18

The reporter learned a few days ago that Tianjin will launch a special action plan for smart medical and healthcare since this year. By 2020, theMunicipality will establish a health information sharing platform with"healthcare, medical insurance and medicine" and "three medical integration",intelligent medical and healthcare services and business application covering all Tianjin's public medical and health institutions; by 2025, it will establish a relatively complete smart medical and healthcare service system andform an ecological system that integrates intelligent medical and healthcareservice functions, intelligent technological innovation, intelligent industrial support, and economic and social development.

In fact, the reporter noticed that the intelligent medical services have started to blossom in the municipality and better served citizens. The construction of a telemedicine information platform based on the internet, big data, internet of things, and artificial intelligence technology has landed inTianjin.

The "One-Stop Comprehensive Disease Management Solution" might be a newprofitable outlet.

At the end of last year, Orange Family Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., located in Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA), cooperated with Philips and Meinian Health to provide the "One-stop Integrated Disease Management Solution" covering the screening, referral, treatment and rehabilitation of the diseases in the field of chronic respiratory diseases management.

It is claimed that Orange Family Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.,established in 2014, is a service provider focused on the management of chronic respiratory diseases, to create integrated management of primary screening, referral, treatment and rehabilitation of respiratory diseases. It also established the "Chronic Respiratory System Diseases Management System" on the cloud-based doctor-patient interaction platforms called "Orange Family Health" and "Orange Family Doctor".

In the eyes of people in the industry, in China, the proportion of patients with sleep-disordered breathing is as high as 5%, but less than 1% of patients receive treatment. Not only do these patients need to go to a professional medical institution for diagnosis and treatment, they also need to improve their self-management skills to prevent and reduce the symptoms of the disease. Therefore, the sleep-breathing management market not only contains huge opportunities, but also has profound implications for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases in Chinese society.

Binhai New Area has obvious advantages to occupy the industrial outlet.

Last year, at the 4th China International Telemedicine Summit held in theBinhai High-tech Industrial Zone, Tianjin announced that it will build an international medical city with an area of 4,000 mu. The estimated investment scale is 30 billion yuan. This medical city will use internet technology to build a medical sharing platform and realize the sharing of telemedicine, artificial intelligence and medical resources.

Relevant person in charge said that in terms of the profitability ofintelligent medical field, Binhai New Area has begun to run. The Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone is also aiming at an intelligent medical market that incorporates a variety of high-tech applications. “In the future, we will closely follow the rapid development trends of the medical and healthcareindustry, and apply innovative technologies such as the Internet and wearable devices as the leading applications to create a new engine for the complete industrial chain and innovative development of medical and health services,” said the relevant person in charge of the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone.

“Tianjin, especially Binhai New Area, has mature conditions and industrial foundations for telemedicine. The related industries such as electronics, machinery and equipment, and chemical industry are well developed. The BinhaiHigh-tech Industrial Zone is highly concentrated with talents, with strongcapability in medical laboratory evaluation, superior investment environment and financial support policies and so on. Wang Weiguo, Deputy Director of the China (Tianjin) International Telemedicine Technology Exhibition Organizing Committee, believes that through the continuous introduction of advanced telemedicine resources at home and abroad to support Tianjin's industries, the Municipality is further developing a series of intelligent medical industrialchains.

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