Hezong Science and Technology expects new ideas and changes in Binhai New Area

2018-04-03 10:39

Name of the Company: Tianjin Hezong Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

Settlement time: 2015

Settled in: Future Technology City, Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone

Main products: box-type substations, on-column switches, central cabinets and other power distribution products

Mr. Cui Guoshun, vice president of technology of Tianjin Hezong Power Equipment Co., Ltd., is a middle-aged person who has lived in the standard “Three-city-commuting Life”. He grew up in Tangshan and has worked in Beijing for more than 20 years. In recent years, he has also shifted his focus to theFuture Technology City in Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone. From 2015 to 2016, a modern factory site had been built here in just one year and mass production had been achieved. In the words of Cui Guoshun, thanks to the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, some vertical production lines have been rapidly developed after moving from the Beijing Miyun Economic Development Zone to the Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone. In 2017,Tianjin Hezong Power Equipment Co., Ltd. created an order volume of more than 700 million yuan, increase of 21.84% year-on-year.

Innovation becomes an undefeated magic weapon for corporations.

In the year when the plant in Tianjin production base was just built, 50-year-old Cui Guoshun led the company's young R&D team to participate in the 2016 Tianjin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and won the first prize of the enterprise group with the “on-column switch” products. Since this is the first time for them to participate in this type of competition, under the leadership of Cui Guoshun, the young R&D team has done a good job in every aspect such as checking the massive data, the information of the past race conditions, the details of the PPT and on-site defense and precautions.Even Cui Guoshun's 7-minute PPT roadshow, which he participated in, also rehearsed again and again to control the time error within 10 seconds.

“Intelligent on-column switches were first developed in Beijing. We spent more than one year to complete design, technical verification, prototype validation, stereotypes testing, and expert appraisal, and we have obtained national invention patents.” Cui Guoshun stated that the on-column switcheswere soon produced in the base in Beijing and was quickly sought after by the market. However, the original production capacity of the production base could not meet the market demand. At this time, the Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech IndustrialZone found a company that allowed it to understand the mature industrial support capabilities, high-efficiency logistics efficiency, and sufficient production floor area of the Tianjin Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone, and gave them a “centering pill”, or assurance. Therefore, the product line of on-column switches soon settled in Tianjin, and the production line, production personnel, and R&D personnel also came to Tianjin to start mass production.

Implementing "Quality Strategy" to improve competitiveness

“2017 is the first year of our implementation of a quality strategy, with direct investment of more than 16 million yuan to further enhance product quality. In addition, the company also invested more than 18 million yuan for building intelligent factories and improving automation. With the improvement of the level, the labor efficiency of the company has been continuously rising, and the per capita output value has increased by 10%.” Cui Guoshun, who is the originator of technology research and development, mentioned the “quality” and immediately opened up the conversation.

He said that the most prominent feature of Tianjin Hezong Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is the very high proportion of new product production. Almost half of the contract volume completed last year came from new products. The continuous introduction of new products is a "matchable technique" in which Tianjin maintains a high profit margin and strong market competitiveness. Taking a new switchgear product as an example, the R&D team achieved the use of dry air instead of sulfur hexafluoride gas as the insulating medium, which greatly reduced the impact of the product on greenhouse gas pollution. In terms of this product alone, the company has created hundreds of millions of yuan in output value.

Using the port to expand overseas markets

The reporter learned that for product innovation, Cui Guoshun and his team not only focused on the domestic market, but also further cast their eyes atthe world. This year, the company plans to realize the production of new products such as 24-kilovolt RMUs and on-column switches for the Southeast Asian market in Indonesia. In order to realize this layout, a large number of Southeast Asian markets have been surveyed since last year for capacity, product demand, and local customs. At present, the company is building a joint venture plant in Indonesia, hoping to radiate the entire Southeast Asian market.

“As a high-end manufacturing center, Binhai New Area is in line with the company's positioning. At the same time, relying on the geographical advantage of Tianjin Port, the company can have the opportunity to go out and expand overseas business.” Cui Guoshun told reporters that the distribution equipment for equipment production and R&D of Tianjin Hezong Power Equipment Co., Ltd.was mainly aimed at the domestic market. After entering Binhai New Area, the advantage of the port is found to be very obvious. Along with the Belt and RoadInitiative, trading along the route will bring many new market opportunities to the company. Therefore, starting from 2016, the company launched a trade plan for countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. Up to now, the company has sold products worth of more than 10 million yuan to Southeast Asia and Africa.

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