Over 110,000 visitors during the Tomb Sweeping Day: Nearly 15 million visitors in key scenic spots in TBNA

2018-04-09 13:12

Lingering in the flower-filled submarine tunnel, strolling through the Russian style street with colorful windmills, relaxing in the rainforest hot springs, and enjoying a painting feast in the realistic oil painting exhibition... During the Tomb Sweeping Day holidays, various tourist attractions in Binhai New Area introduced various new activities and new projects to attract a large number of citizens and tourists. According to statistics from the Commercial Commission of Binhai New Area, during the holidays, the seven key scenic spots (points) included in the data monitoring of Binhai New Area received a total of 110,000 tourists in 3 days, and tourism comprehensive income was 14.698 million yuan.

The theme park is popular.

The “Ocean Flower Festival” was held. Tourists lingered in the flower-filled tunnel under the sea to see the mermaid dancing. The “Little Fish Club” added a “sea garden” science course to tell visitors about the plants including sea anemones and sea lilies and more knowledge of scientific knowledge of marine animals...... During the holiday period, the Haichang Polar Ocean World has launched a number of new projects. It has received 25,843 visitors for three days with comprehensive revenue of 4.6 million yuan.

The TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park creates a romantic and glamorous windmill festival in the Russian style street. It continued to enrich the activities on the scale of the first Windmill Festival, added the free windmill DIY parent-child interaction event, presented small windmill gifts, to attract many visitors to experience the windmill fairy world. According to statistics, the TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park received a total of 35,410 visitors during the holidays of the Qingming Festival.

Longda Hot Spring Ecological City launched the “Sports Hot Springs”, spa hotspots, cell awakening, water yoga and other hot spring projects and they are well received. In Fantawild Wonderland, parents and children will join forces to challenge the live-action version and jump and complete the challenge to win prizes from the Fantawild, attracting a large number of visitors to experience and to play. According to statistics, during the Qingming holidays, the Fantawild Entertainment received a total of nearly 30,000 visitors.

Cultural "welfare" is well received.

During the vacation period of the Qingming Festival, the Binhai Cultural Center launched a series of cultural activities to attract many citizens and tourists to come and listen to speeches, see painting exhibitions, and light up the colorful holiday life.

The Binhai Art Museum brought visitors a painting feast. Over 100 pieces of oil paintings were exhibited in the “Concrete China Realistic Oil Artists Exhibition 2018”. Visitors were impressed by Wang Qidong's and other artists’ superb oil painting techniques and praised the powerful strength of Chinese oil paintings. At the Civic Action Center, many tourists take their children to participate in the TEDx lecture hall. The quality of the speech is popular. The magic class creates a warm and interesting magical world through a variety of activities such as creative arts and parent-child reading, which are well received by children.

It is time for picking.

During the good times, the parks such as Tanggu Forest Park, Huifeng River Landscape River Park, and the Grand Canal Park can see peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, and apricot flowers. The willow will spit out green color in a vibrant and lively state. The scene attracts a large number of tourists to their homes.

Many tourists choose to pick fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmhouse, eat farm food, enjoy the labor and experience idyllic life. In addition, during the holidays, “Western Goods Stores” such as Tianjin World Trade Center, Yujiapu Globalgo, and Dongjiang Imported Goods Direct Center welcomed a large number of tourists from Beijing, Tianjin and even the rest of the country, presenting a hot and popular scene. 

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