Old residential quarters put on new appearances for civilization trend

2018-04-10 10:56

At present, the renovation of the old residential quarter of Xin River of Binhai New Area has finished halfway, and the results of the transformation have taken shape. In combination with the action planfor the creation of a national civilized city, Binhai New Area has successively initiated the transformation of Gaoxinli Community,Lijiangli Community, Baixingli Community, Xijiangli Community, Xingfulou Community and Zhaojiadi old residential quarter. All the above-mentioned projects are expected to be completed by the end of June this year.

Before the renovation, there were problems such as the dilapidated roads, the aging power supply lines, the serious damage to lighting facilities such as street lights, the serious advertisements on the corridors, the rain on the roof, the obstruction of the sewage drainage system, and the detachment of the interior walls. The transformation includes the thickening of theinsulation layer in the building body, the facade of the building, the renovation of the corridor, the installation of smart lights, and renovation of the street park. After the transformation, the face of the community will be greatly improved, and living conditions will be greatly enhanced.

The upgrading and transformation will also guide the residents to actively participate in the campaign of creation of a national civilized city, render the community's atmosphere of civilization and build a new trend of civilization.

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