Electronic business license issued in Dongjiang FTP

2018-04-11 20:50

- The first national electronic business license and paper business license according to new standard have the same legal effect as the paper one.

-Enterprises can download and use electronic business licenses through the WeChat and Alipay applications installed on mobile phones.

- Through the unified market entity identification system established by the General Administration of State Market Supervision, the functions of enterprise identity authentication, information verification, retention of files, online illumination and online behavior confirmation are realized.

On April 9, the mobile edition electronic business license of theState Administration of Market Supervision was firstly placed and applied in Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port, achieving universal cross-border mutual recognition of electronic business licenses, and opening up corporate online filing, registration review, license issuance, opening of bank account and other series of links. In the future, companies can download and use electronic business licenses through their mobile phones.

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