Intellectual Introduction Event of Tianjin Talent Fair held on April 13: TBNA to bring jobs in the 6 major activity sections

2018-04-12 18:09

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security on April 10 that as one of the three major sections of the China-Tianjin Investment and Trade Fair 2018 and the PECC International Trade and Investment Fair, this year’s Tianjin TalentFair’s intellectual introduction event will be held in April. OnApril 13, it will be held at the Tianjin Human Resource Development Promotion Center.

Taking the theme of “grasping the opportunity for coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and accelerating the gathering of various talents at home and abroad”, the event establishes six sections including Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Bohai Rim Recruitment, Achievement Display of Artificial Intelligence and Talent Exchange, Post-Doctoral Talent and Referral and so on. Among them, the section of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, i.e., Bohai Sea Recruitment will organize more than 250 enterprises and institutions from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Bohai Rim, countries along theOne Belt and One Road Initiative and Binhai New Area, to participate in the conference, providing more than 6,500 jobs.

The highlight of this year's "Tianjin Talent Fair" is the exhibition of achievements and personnel exchanges in the field ofartificial intelligence. The special section uses a combination of results display and talent recruitment to make talents understand the business scope, R&D capabilities, and technological level employers,and to help with in-depth promotion of cooperation and exchange of talents in a more intuitive way. At that time, artificial intelligence frontier companies such as Tsinghua Electronic Information Research Institute, Enbotai Technology Co., Ltd., and Tiandy will carry more than 30 artificial intelligence products for on-site demonstrations and carry out talent project matching activities.

In the section of postdoctoral talents and project referral, more than 100 postdoctoral scientific research stations, workstations and innovation practice bases in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei will provide more than 1600 positions.

Also, the reporter learned from the Organizing Committee ofTianjin Talent Fair that the China-Tianjin Investment and Trade Fair2018, i.e., the PECC International Trade and Investment Expo will beheld in Tianjin from April 13 to 17. At the meeting, Dongjiang Bonded Port Area will hold the third session of the Dongjiang Fair forImport Commodities.

It is claimed that this product exhibition is located in the N2 Exhibition Center of Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, with a site area of 2,160 square meters. The exhibition area is divided into six sections say the direct exhibition area of imported goods inDongjiang, the Dongjiang Cross-border E -commerce Experience Area, Dongjiang Parallel Imported Automobile Exhibition Area, Experience Area of Culture and Trade of Dongjiang, exhibition area of the counterpart in poverty alleviation – Huangnan Jianzha County, and the standard booths.

This time, the exhibition specializes in the counterpart in poverty alleviation – Huangnan Jianzha County, which will invite enterprises in Jianzha County to display and sell local artworks such as local Thangka and grain paintings as well as handicraft products, dairy products and agricultural products.

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