"Old" apartment turned into "new" dormitory

2018-04-13 10:53

Recently, with the upgrading and reconstruction of buildings No.9 andNo.12 of the Haiyan apartment in Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA), new citizens in TEDA have lived in brand new dormitories. The reporter walked into an apartment on the 4th floor of Building No.12 of the Haiyan Apartment. The interior decoration was new and the room was equipped with a separate toilet and bathing room. Dr. Zhao Shujun, an employee of Kanglonghuacheng (Tianjin) Pharmaceutical Preparation Technology Co., Ltd. who was watching TV in the house, said: “The former quarterscontain eight people. If we need to take a shower we need to go tothe public toilet in the corridor. Now we live in double rooms. All of a sudden, our living conditions have raised a lot. The rent hasalready been paid by the company for it all, which has relieved us a lot from pressure.”

According to the staff of the Apartment Management Center ofTEDA, the 12 dormitory buildings of the Haiyan Apartment were the first batch of dormitory units that were put into use in the TEDAWest in 2006. With the continuous improvement of living standards, new citizens have increased their living conditions. Therefore, Haiyan Apartment took the lead in upgrading and renovating two dormitory buildings last year. The upgrading of other dormitory buildings will be gradually carried out in the future.

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