TEDA Street to establish a "model room" for delicate community

2018-04-13 10:55

In order to implement the general requirements of Tianjin's clean community and beautiful community, and fully promote the creation of a national civilized urban area in Binhai New Area, according to the overall deployment of the construction of the happy TEDA, from now on, TEDA Street will carry out spring community environmental safety rectification activities to create a delicatecommunity and to create a "model room" for community building of a happy TEDA.

Remediation of environment first

From April 10 to May 31, TEDA Street will carry out community environmental safety rectification activities in spring. The activities range from 123residential quarters in 11 communities in TEDA Street. Through “understanding the bottom line, accurately exerting force, organizing and implementing dynamic rectification, comprehensively promoting and ensuring effectiveness”, TEDA is to carry out three-phase centralized environmental safety rectification.

Establishment of a benchmark later

After the completion of the three-phase work, the creation criteria ofTEDA's delicate community will be introduced while 10 delicate communities and 30 civilized buildings will be established as demonstration benchmarks. Afterwards, it will promote and spread experience, form a mechanism for creating a delicate community, and set off an upsurge in building a comprehensive delicate community in TEDA.

The "three-phase" work concentrates on environmental safety.

The reporter learned from TEDA Street that the community environmental safety rectification activities in TEDA Street in the spring of 2018 will aim at further enhancing the happiness of residents in TEDA Street. The principle of the combination of the government’s administration by law and residents’ autonomy will be adopted. Based on the residents of the neighborhood committees and the industry committees, the role of six-level self-employed teams will be released, including neighborhood committees, members of special committees, residents' representatives, members of industry committees, building leadersand backbone volunteers. It will build a pattern for community party organizations and party members to drive the masses. TEDA Street will strengthen publicity and education, strengthen property management responsibilities, mobilize residents' participation, integrate and mobilize the enthusiasm of various groups in society, create a good atmosphere and strong synergy between everyone and create a civilized urban area, so as to improve the long-term mechanism for the comprehensive improvement of community environmental safety and community sustainable development mechanism.

The Spring Community Environmental Safety Renovation Activity took place from April 10 to May 31. The activity range was 123 residential communities in 11 communities in TEDA Street. The centralized remediation of environmental safety will be carried out in three phases.

In the first phase, it will get a clear picture of the bottom line and useprecise power. TEDA Street will give full play to the role of the relevant residents' committees, and launch community leaders such as gatekeepers, volunteers, serving newspapers, and party members to carry out a thorough investigation of their own jurisdictions, formulate job accounts, define responsible parties, and form task lists, responsibility lists, and rectification lists. It will post or issue deadline rectification notices. If the deadline is not cleared, it shall be deemed as having no major sundries and centralized cleaning will start. If the owner is found after cleaning, the owner shall bear the cleaning costs. The second phase is for organizational implementation and dynamic rectification. It will organize residents andproperty companies to carry out rectification on their own, by means offocusing on the community health corners, corridors debris, balcony hanging, plots of material piled up in the community, piled up pipeline wells, green debris accumulated in the green space and tree waste cleaning activities. The third stage is to enhance all aspects and to ensure effectiveness. It will recheck the results of community environmental sanitation rectification activities, implement point-to-point key packaged support activities for unresolved issues, establish management ledgers, develop a list of responsibilities, implement responsibility areas and responsible units, implement sales account management, and implement corrective actions. It will address one item, eliminate one item, and consolidate one item to prevent the recovery and rebounding.

TEDA Street will create a comprehensive delicate community.

After the completion of the three-phase work, it will take the seven index systems of a happy TEDA as a blueprint, fully listen to residents’ practical needs for improving the residential environment, and introduce the creation criteria of TEDA’s delicate communities. The effectiveness of the previous rectification activities and the basis for the work of the masses will be taken into consideration. TEDA Street will set up a delicate community and 30 civilized buildings to set up demonstration benchmarks.

Subsequently, it will promote experience and form a mechanism to create adelicate community. With the principle of empowering communities and assisting in development, it will develop neighborhood self-government organizations likeneighborhood workshops and build community neighborhood interactive platforms. The residents of the community will be motivated to participate in district governance from the bottom to the top and fully tap the potential of community residents. In the establishment of delicate communities, the “four-society interaction” of communities, social workers, social organizations, and social resources are reflected, and multiple resources are integrated to meet the demand for the establishment of the community. The establishment of a delicatecommunity and a leading team, the use of preaching training, field visits, discussion and exchanges, case studies and other ways will be used to promote the sharing of experience among communities and sharing of resources, to create a full-fledged upsurge of establishing delicate communities in TEDA.

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