VCANBIO Genetic Technology Co., Ltd. and BAHEAL Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Achieve Strategic Cooperation

2018-04-16 10:40

Recently, BAHEAL Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BAHEAL), owned by BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group, signed a cooperative agreement with VCANBIO Genetic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as VCANBIO), which is located in Binhai New Area, in Beijing. Both sides agree to deepen cooperation on precision tumor medicine. BAHEAL will provide Watson for Genomics (WfG) System, which can vigorously support VCANBIO on expanding the application ranges of gene sequencing products and improving tumor diagnosis and treatment. The technologies involved in the cooperative project reached the national-leading level in China.

In recent years, with the development of gene sequencing technologies, the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of difficult and complicated diseases, especially tumor, have made new breakthroughs continually. As far as the current stage is concerned, gene sequencing can obtain more mutation detection results, which can be used in clinical intervention, and can better help doctors to conduct precision tumor treatment. Thus, precision tumor treatment needs a more precise and intelligent decision-making assistance. WfG System, based on artificial intelligence technology, makes it possible to conduct precise medical treatment for tumor patients with large-scale applications. WfG, developed by IBM, is a cognitive computing system used in the medical field for clinical annotation and interpretation after tumor gene sequencing. WfG System can read NGS data and help doctors to find the tumordriver genes in patients and provide reasonable treatments.

According to the introduction, as the main part of BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group in intelligent ecosphere application, BAHEAL is committed to improving people’s health with science and technology and providing completely informationized solutions in the medical field. Wang Tingwei, General Manager Assistant of BAHEAL and Chief Inspector of Business Development Division, said, “The wide application of gene sequencing in tumor diagnosis and treatment boosts the rapid development of precision medicine, and artificial intelligence WfG will promote gene sequencing to a new level and provide more reasonable solutions to precision tumor diagnosis and treatment.”

The reporter learned that as a marketing company on national life science and technology, VCANBIO is an important business unit owned by VCANBIO Cell & Gene Engineering Co., Ltd. and is devoted to providing omnibearing services on gene sequence analysis and information interpretation to medical institutions and the public. Li Tong’en, Vice President of VCANBIO, said, “VCANBIO will conduct further cooperation withBAHEAL and give a full play to the functions of WfG System. Both sides will promote the vigorous development of the gene industry and the implementation of precision medicine in China.”

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