Annual Summit of China Green Companies 2018 held in Binhai New Area on April 22

2018-04-16 10:48

The Annual Summit of China Green Companies 2018 will be held in Binhai New Area on April 22. The Summit will continue until April 24. This is the latest news the reporter learned from the media meeting of the Summit yesterday. At that time, Jack Ma, Liu Chuanzhi and other top commercial leaders will give speeches and interactive exchanges around the eight thematic sections of entrepreneurship and innovation, intelligent business, globalization, AI, new retail, talent and organization, Internet of Things and influential investment.An intellectual business banquet is to kick off.

The Annual Summit of China Green Companies 2018 is supported by the TianjinMunicipal People's Government, and jointly sponsored by the People's Government of Binhai New Area and the China Entrepreneur Club. The theme is Intelligent Business Times - High Quality Development and Value Creation. The scale of the conference will reach 1,000 people. According to reports, the Annual Summit ofChina Green Companies 2018 is founded by the China Entrepreneur Club in 2008. It has held 10 sessions in 9 provinces and cities. Each year, there are more than 1,000 global business leaders, political leaders, academic authorities, NGO representatives and the mainstream media to attend. The Summit takes private entrepreneurs as the main participant group, pays attention to business ecology, and studies and discusses the practical issues of commercial sustainable development. It has become China's most influential businesssummit.

The reporter learned from the meeting of the media of the Annual Summit ofChina Green Companies 2018 that the eight modules are based on the summary of a40-hour interview with 80 top Chinese entrepreneurs. Cheng Hong, secretary-general of the China Entrepreneur Club, believes that instead of setting up asummit for the organizers, it is better to think of these top entrepreneurs asplanners of this year's Annual Summit of China Green Companies.

"All the topics of the Annual Summit of China Green Companies come from problems encountered by entrepreneurs in their daily work. There are also forums that the media call E2E (entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur)," Cheng Hong said, "After telephone interviews, we discover that this year's problems seem to be particularly focused. The issues of the directors are mainly new challenges in corporate strategy, new organizational forms and talent strategies, and the Green Companies Association is very concerned about how to transfer the entrepreneurial team to the professional team. All these issues will be discussed and answered in the Annual Summit of China Green Companies2018."

It is claimed that the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) is an influential business leader organization in China. It was founded in 2006 by 31 Chinese business leaders, economists and diplomats. The Club has 59 members, among who Jack Maserves as the Club's chairman and Ma Weihua as the manager. The 59 memberenterprises of the CEC will create nearly 4 trillion yuan in sales and 4.95 trillion yuan in platform sales each year. The total number of employees is 1.95 million, coupled with 32 million indirect jobs, and a total tax ofapproximately 157 billion yuan. It is an important part of the national economy.

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