No.1 Elderly Nursing Home introduces professional medical enterprises

2018-04-16 10:51

The reporter learned from the Binhai Construction and Investment Group on April 12 that in order to further optimize the contents ofelderly care services, to promote the development of the model ofIntegration of Medication and Healthcare, and to provide quality and efficient medical services for the elderly in hospitals. Recently, the Binhai Construction Investment Corporation’s Tianjin Binhai New Area Pension Industry Operation Management Co., Ltd. and Lanka (International) Healthcare Group signed a medical cooperation agreement at the No.1 Elderly Nursing Home.

The relevant person in charge of the No.1 Elderly Nursing Home stated that with the arrival of the Lanka (International) HealthcareGroup, consultation and other specialized and systematic servicessuch as collection of samples, laboratory tests, rehabilitation physiotherapy, 24-hour family doctor call response, pharmacy drug equipment, regular healthcare lectures and expert remote monitoring were added to the basic medical services. Through this cooperation,the No.1 Elderly Nursing Home further integrated its pension and medical resources, improved the level of medical services, and injected new vitality into the development of the elderly careindustry in Binhai New Area.

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