Maker Headquarters: Integration into Binhai Friends Circle

2018-04-17 14:07

In the past two days, Cui Xiaole, a partner at Maker Headquarters Tianjin Base, has been promoting an activity in his friends circle - the sixth period of theKun Peng CEO Special Training Class (Medical Health). Cui Xiaole said that theCEO Special Training Class has been promoted for six times. He is pleased thathis friends in Binhai New Area have actively forwarded this activity. “Although we are a company from Beijing, we have integrated into the friendcircle of Binhai partners. We can see from the reaction of this friends circlethat we are very happy to have an entrepreneurship here.”

With its headquarters located in MSD in Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (abbreviated as TEDA), the company’s large office space is packed with hundreds of startups gathered here to fight for each small goal. At present, the occupancy rate of the 2,000-square-meter office space is 100%.

According to reports, the Maker Headquarters Tianjin Base has been holding more than 150 offline events in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region since it was launched in Tianjin Binhai New Area in May 2016, attracting more than 6,000makers and helping nearly 100 entrepreneurs set up companies. The establishment of the Kun Peng CEO Special Training Class has enabled more than 200 entrepreneurs to receive systematic entrepreneurial training, accumulatively investing and financing more than 10 projects, with a total amount of more than 20 million yuan.

Cui Xiaole said: "This is a result we have achieved together with our partners in Binhai New Area. There is still a lot of room for further growth."

Platform Profile

Platform Name: Maker Headquarters Tianjin Base

Settled in: 2016

Settled in: TEDA MSD

Main Business: Investment Services for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Be a reliable partner for entrepreneurship

Cui Xiaole told reporters that the Maker Headquarters has introduced mature entrepreneurial models from Beijing, as well as a team of mentors with rich experience in mobile internet and investment while in Tianjin, a business innovation model called Business Matching + Portfolio Investment for entrepreneurs has been adopted to give a real helping hand.

In July last year, at the final of the Second Beijing Cultural Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the Badumei VR home experience service platform project from Binhai New Area came to the fore and won the second prize in the game and gained attention from several investors.

"When we first came to the Maker Headquarters, our VR home experience system was still in its infancy. Although the company had mastered more than 1,000 corporate data related to wallpaper, flooring, tiles, sanitary ware, and furniture in the country, how to combine these data with VR products has become a major test at that time.” Zhang Meijuan recalled that after she entered theKun Peng CEO Special Training Class, she received guidance from senior entrepreneurs from Beijing and Tianjin, all the way from product combing tointegration of business plans, which led the Badumei VR home experience service platform closer to the market.

At the same time, Tianjin Jingfan Technology Co., Ltd., one of the first batch of Tianjin companies that invested in the Maker Headquarters Incubator, not only acquired the 1 million yuan of angel investment led by the MakerHeadquarters in the early days of its business, but also obtained financing of6 million yuan from the Maker Headquarters in 2016 when the basic development of the product needed to enter the mass production and marketing stage. Zhang Jindong, founder of the company, told the reporter that under the matchmaker or the Maker Headquarters, the project also docked relevant industrial resources from Peking University to pave the way for the next development. At present, nearly 10 companies have found their cooperation in the development of new embedded hardware products.

This is the story of Reliably Coordinating Circle of Entrepreneurship and taking root in Binhai New Area. Under such a circumspect and atmosphere, companies such as Chelache, Saiturui Professional Car Refitting, and Vending Robot have developed rapidly and become leaders in the industry.

Promoting transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises

At the beginning of 2018, Li Zhensheng, chairman of Tianjin Morgan Kunde Hi-tech Development Co., Ltd., boarded the road show hall of the MakerHeadquarters Tianjin Base, which is the platform for industrializing aerogel new materials. Morgan Kunde has achieved mass production with independent intellectual property rights, and its single-product Nano pore insulating board has already achieved the nation’s first sales volume.

"The effect of this roadshow was very good," Li Zhensheng told reporters. He also said that more than 10 professionals from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei investment institutions, financial institutions, petrochemicals, metallurgy and other fields participated in the roadshow and visited Morgan Kunde completely self-designed the production line, and these people had a strong interest in the project.

Cui Xiaole told reporters that the Maker Headquarters Tianjin Base also hopes to become a small partner of traditional enterprise cooperation and promote the transformation and upgrading of local traditional enterprises in Tianjin. Morgan Kunde is one of the early adopters. The Maker Headquarters Tianjin Base and Tianjin Morgan Kunde Hi-tech Co., Ltd. have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In the near future, they will jointly establish a vertical accelerator with a focus on new materials called "aerogel" to promote the research, development, and application of new materials.

Also at the beginning of this year, the first Tianjin Zhonghuan ElectronicInnovation Creative Contest 2017, organized by the Tianjin Zhonghuan Electronic and Information (Group) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Communication and Broadcasting Group Co., Ltd. and the Maker Headquarters Tianjin Base was officially closed in theBinhai High-tech Industrial Zone, and 12 projects were finally selected forCreative & Innovative Prizes.

The relevant person in charge of Tianjin Zhonghuan Electronic and Information (Group) Co., Ltd. stated that the Maker Headquarters Tianjin Basehas played a catalyst role in the entire competition process. Not only has thecompetition attracted more than 120 projects in the industry to join the competition, but also in the process it has provided the concept lecture on the topic of mass innovation and mass entrepreneurship, pre-match counseling, resource matching and other services and support, which have provided a bridge for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and led to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises as well as improvement ofquality and efficiency. In Cui Xiaole’s words, this cooperation with Tianjin Zhonghuan Electronic and Information (Group) Co., Ltd. is only the first step for the company’s headquarters in Tianjin to carry out services for traditional enterprises. In the future, an open and collaborative innovation platform will be built to allow more traditional enterprises to accelerate transformation and upgrading while embracing new market of the era.

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